Make the most out of the FREE 24 hours Craftsy Class.

{UPDATE :  Craftsy is currently offering 7-day free trial, which means you get 7 days of unlimited access to craftsy classes. Click here to access that.}


Have you heard the awesome event coming soon from Craftsy + Cricut?

FREE 24 hours access to 1200+ craftsy classes! Yup- that is right all classes (well most classes) for FREE!

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If you have not heard of Craftsy before, Craftsy is an online base for all kinds of online Craft Classes and Supplies including quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, baking and cooking classes. I personally learn a lot from Craftsy Classes and having a full-time job always mean that I have to use only spare time to learn and join classes. Hence, an online class is an awesome choice for me as they allow me to learn from the comfort of my home, at any time at any pace. 

Craftsy joined together with Cricut are holding a one-day event in which they offer ALL-DAY FREE to watch classes on 4th September 2017.

I don’t know about you, but that just got my brain so pumped and all excited about the possibilities of new stuff to learn about. I have always love Craftsy classes, so this is was a great oppurtinity to grab.

Now, before we get too excited, a reminder here that it is just for 24 hours. And really, do we really think that we can spend the whole 24 hours watching classes non-stop? even if we did, I doubt that we can really benefit the lesson well enough to practice it in our creative life right?

So what to do??

I have been thinking about it, and one way we can benefit the most out of this fantastic deal is to be really organized and strategic.

I made a Swoon Quilt from the class I took in Craftsy, Precut Piecing Made Simple.

Here are 5 ways you can make the most out of this FREE event that is coming this Monday 4th September



1. Sign Up for Craftsy if you have not Yet!

Don’t waste time by signing up on the day. You will need to sign up before 4th September 2017 and get access to the free Event via Craftsy‘s email on the day of the event.

Besides, if you have a few hours to spare on the day you don’t want to be wasting your time registering etc and get straight to diving in the free classes.

2.  List out Classes that you really want to watch before the event day

Now, choosing classes are one of the thing that will take most of your time, cause there are so many great ones out there. And if you are like me, who loves to learn all the things – you will be wasting time going about choosing which one to watch first or next.

It is like one of those netflix time when you only have one hour to spare and you spend half-an hour choosing what to watch…ughhh.

So, you want to skip that and be organized this time. Spend some time today or tomorrow browsing Craftsy before the event day (4th September 2017) and list out some of the classes that you are interested to watch.

Make that list clear (I like pen and paper but you can save it to MSword – you still need to find these classes on the day of event as you will be watching from the given link).

Here are some classes that I will be looking forward to watch:

3. Select 1-3 classes in priority to watch on the day

From your list, you want to carefully select which ones that you will decide to full-on watch on the day. Let's be realistic. You may only have max about 4-8 hours to spare on the day watching classes. Even if it is available for 24 hours, sadly you won't get to maximize it. We still have regular days with food to serve and sleep right.. or do we?? :P.

So with a realistic time-frame that you will be able to spare, choose one or two or three classes that you will be dedicated to enjoy and learn from thoroughly.

Here are mine:

My focus is to watch my favourite quilters. Angela and Edyta are both my favourite so they are on my top 3:


 4. Scan through other classes you might also be interested in on the day

If you have time to spare, you want to go through some other classes that was on your list of interest.

If you can download some of the worksheets, try and get some of those downloaded.

Update: You won't be able to download during free streaming. You will have to purchase after the event or sign in your regular Craftsy account and purchase.

You can quickly scan through the whole class, the structure, the way the instructor teaches and jot down the ones that you you find are most helpful for future classes. which comes to my last tip:

5. Make a list of the classes that are potentially useful for you to buy and keep watching after event

As I said, there are so many great classes in Craftsy, that you may not have the time to watch them all and you may decide to keep watching the ones you have already watched or scan through to dive in deeper. So, make a list of these classes and buy them instead.

Favourite them on your Craftsy (log in, find and click favourite - as anything favourited in the free all day access link won't be transferred) and only buy them when they are offered a special price to you! I never buy full price course -yes, I am thrifty. I wait till they go on sale. Craftsy always give a special price on classes you put on your favourite, so make sure you put your wish list as a favourite and Craftsy will be sending you special price on them.

Craftsy FREE Classes Learn to quilt today for FREE


I find them worth my dollars and have gained so much from other expert quilters especially the ones I adore.

Well that is it for my tips for making the most out of this event. Make sure you don't miss this out! Mark it on your calendar 4th September 2017  Craftsy FREE Access.

Go browse the classes you will want to watch on the day now.

If you have not sign up and have never tried craftsy -this is a great oppurtinity. Grab it NOW>>>



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