Patchwork Bars Quilted Table Runner

The final project for the Feather Quilting Mini Course is here!

A mix of modern bright colours with simple patchwork and free motion feather quilting is definitely something to brighten up any table.

I designed the runner with minimal maths to allow for more details on the quilting.

Slight improv technique involved in piecing the runner, but don’t worry the pattern will take you through it step by step!

FREE quilted table runner pattern

Fabrics are mostly Moda Fabrics: Aria by Kate Spain (2016).

Free Motion Quilting: Feathers and Fillers

For the quilting, a combination of feathers and dense filler background is the choice I went for. Bear in mind though, this may take longer than you think. Dense fillers are gorgeous, but they do take up a lot of time.

Fillers can be a combination of pebbling, swirls or even just micro-stippling (tiny stipples).

Filler motif in between other free motion quilting motifs can create different density, which allows one design to pop up more than the other. In this case, the feathers are popped out as it is less dense.

Here is a close-up view of the quilting. I purposely left the patchwork bars unquilted to give it a more popped up look.

I chose a bright coloured solid for the backing and I loved it as much as I love the front.

Playing with the feather petals size and occasionally changing adding in swirls adds more character to the feathers.


Tips for those practicing free motion quilting

How scary is it to post this quilting up close? ¬†you can see all the edginess of the quilting, those lines that shouldn’t have gone over each other – those backtrackings.

I want to show you, mine is not perfect.

but is it really bad?

Well, nothing is perfect. Here is the truth: up close, you will be picking on yourself looking at all the little tiny mistakes on the quilting you have just made, but in reality, they don’t even show up if you are not putting your nose 5 cm up close.

And believe me, sometimes it is just in your head… so stop looking at those tiny mistakes, and keep going. I promise the whole project will look awesome! Just have fun.

I am not teaching you how to win an award – I want you to be free and learn how to free motion quilt, learn to free motion quilt feathers and be adventerous with your quilting. It is a joy that is to share.



Ready to up your free motion quilting game?

So, are you ready to take the challenge and make your own runner?

As for the time being, the pattern for this runner is only provided within the Free Feather Quilting Mini Course on the second week of the 2-week course. If you are already there, download the pattern from your email and get started!

Sign up to the Mini Course if you haven’t! There is nothing to lose. If you want to just learn how to do basic feather, check out this post.


If you are not ready for it just yet, pin this image and come back to it when you feel like taking the challenge. I will also provide the free pattern for non-course takers in a couple more week time.


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