Craftsy Unlimited: The Pros and Cons

If you are not aware just yet,

Recently, Craftsy has launched a subscription-based system to access ALL of their classes. Which means, if you are subscribed, you can get instant access to every single one of their classes with the exception of the ones with collaborators like the Great Courses. In fact, you’ll get more than just access to classes – which I’ll mention in the Pros section.

That means, once you’ve subscribed -you can watch ANY classes of your own choices at ANY time at the comfort of your own place.

However, of course, with any good things, there are also fallbacks which I am going to share with you in this post.

So, if you are still on the fence about getting subscribed into Craftsy Unlimited, I am here to share my current experience and my thoughts about it.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links within this post. Although I am a Craftsy Affiliate, what I present here are all honest and I am at best here to help you by sharing with you an honest opinion of my own. Please find my full disclosure here.

Subscription Prices

Before we go digging into the Pros, Cons and who would benefit most from Craftsy Unlimited, here is the current pricing for Craftsy Unlimited:

14.99 USD /month or annually at 120 USD/year

or 18.99 AUD/month or annually at 150 AUD/year

or FREE for 7 days – (take advantage of this to try first before they no longer offer this, not really sure whether this offer will last, but 7 days is great to go ahead and peek through all the classes you are indecisive about)

Craftsy Unlimited FREE 7 day trial at



  • It is reasonably priced, given that you have access to over 1300++ classes on the instant you are subscribed or when you are in their 7-days FREE trial. Even in a year if you purchase a couple of classes that is regularly averagedly priced around 39.99, that should be worth it.
  • There are special FREEBIES, like patterns and the series Patchwork Nation – which means more quilt TVs
  • It is growing and more new features are added including new classes.


  • You get overwhelmed by the choices of classes and crafts you want to try.
  • You probably start getting antsy about trying to get the most out of your subscription cost.
  • Too many distractions from your current focus and you’ll end up just bingeing and not sewing!
  • Now you have to have to have a budget for it. 

However though, these cons – I think I might just have the solution for it. Take learning as a retreat.

Take a virtual sewing/quilting retreat every now and then and just keep your focus. List out the classes you plan to take within that retreat time.

It’s all in the planning.

have a virtual sewing retreat in your own space.

While I don’t have the leisure to do this just yet – have a retreat away from home, I do plan time for my own secluded sewing time. Usually, it is up way early in the morning – before everyone is up. Just me, my sewing machine, snacks and schedule for the classes I want to take in Craftsy Unlimited. I enjoy that very much.

Craftsy also has a platform where you can share your work and discuss things in each of their classes. So, you’ll be joining a community of people there too.

Who should be on Craftsy Unlimited and Who should not.

Of course, this is for no one to decide, but let me give you some highlights on who I would think would benefit the most out of this subscription.

Who would benefit from Craftsy Unlimited:

You enjoy learning

  • If you are into learning, exploring new techniques or improving your skill all the time (LIKE ME!) and find joy in challenging yourself in learning new things, THIS IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU. You’ll love that the fact that there are many choices of things you can try. I am into sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting. Um, I am guilty of loving all kinds of craft. I find it fun just learning and trying new things. I FIT THIS CATEGORY like a glove.

You love systematic

  • If you don’t waste time looking for bits here and there to learn a new technique or craft. Your time is better off practicing through learning from the right people in a systematic way. Craftsy Classes includes detail how to videos, projects and you get to learn from selected (among the best) instructor at the comfort of your own time. And most importantly, if you are on Craftsy Unlimited, you won’t have to think about the budget for a new class anymore as this is paid for monthly and already within that budget for the month.

You are new to a certain craft

  • If you are NEW to the craft you are looking to learn. For example, if you are new to quilting or embroidery – you will benefit from the introductory series and all the classes related that you’ll love to take. I knew when I first started, there were many things that I wanted to learn. And if I were to take all the classes with their each individual tag price- I’d be paying a lot. So, lucky you starters – you get to enjoy all the access to the class and start absorbing!

You want to try out and explore first

  • If you are indecisive about which class to take every time you visit Craftsy. I fit here too. I always wonder each class that I think I might buy will be worth it. Whether I’ll ever come to it again or whether I will decide after about a week into it that I wanted to try something else. With Craftsy Unlimited -Guess what – no guilt. Just move on to the new class – you’ve paid to access all class remember?


  • If you are already a consistent buyer from Craftsy Classes. Of course then being a member would definitely be cost-effective.
  • If you just simply watching videos while sewing, this allows for more choices. hands up here.

Here are the classes I love when I first learn to quilt and free motion:

Now, I have many classes I have enjoyed, cause I took advantage of the FREE Unlimited access last time and cause I have all access now 🙂 Happy Subscriber here.


Who would not benefit from Craftsy Unlimited:

  • If you don’t have much time to learn online.
  • if you are limited in budget. A monthly cost is about 14.99 USD which means you’ll have to have this in budget or you can try CreativeBug which offers craft classes as well HERE at 4.95 USD/month. (PSst : If you blog about your craft, this may be time to start making money from your blog)
  • If you love mix matching learning for free from Youtube, and feels like you can learn much better that way. Though I personally love this type of learning too, I do also appreciate structure when I learn.

Last few words,

Well, whatever it is, these are just my honest opinion. You can do your own decision – try it for FREE first HERE – then see if you like it.

I am a Craftsy affiliate but I do really love their services and I have learned lots from Craftsy Classes. I enjoy learning from my favourite quilters and crocheters. So, I am here to support them and share the love!

Craftsy Unlimited FREE 7 day trial at

How about you? want to share your experience with Craftsy and how you love/dislike it?

or what do you think about the subscription-based system? Like or dislike?

I’d love to hear from you.


if you looking to start your Craftsy Unlimited experience now,

Subscribe HERE.

again, I’d like to remind you that you can actually try this out for 7 DAYS FOR FREE – just make sure you set a reminder to cancel out the subscription before the 8th Day. You can try it out and see whether you like it an no cost.


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