Another update on my slow work in progress, the Grandmother’s flower garden. 

Every time I pick up this project, I would span it out and adore it. Please don’t mind me as I admire the progress of this project. Not that my stitches are perfect, but just admiring how the flowers are blooming one over another, hexagon by hexagons. Little stitches at a time. 

I am also seeing some flaws here and there, seeing my work progress over the years. Yes YEARS. this has been a 6 year project in progress. 

My first post of this project was back here in this post where I share the free printable quotes. The post dated back in 2017. Well, I will try and make it a less than 10-year project, but we’ll see. I love working on the project, it is just that I am always torn with tons of things to do while watching TV, like laundries and other hand projects like cross-stitching. But we’ll see and I’ll try to work on it a little more in the last quarter of this year and maybe at least I’ll get all the diamonds and flowers done before moving onto the 530 hexagons for the background.

A slow but a moving one for sure.

I have made some progress on grandmother’s flower garden

It just crossed my mind that this might be done when I am a grandmother myself. Haha. 

I don’t mind the slow progress, I love the process itself already.

That’s the fun thing about crafting or quilting. The process itself is already worth the effort.

I shall be updating from time to time to make a record on the progress of this quilt. 

So here are some progress photos for today: