Firstly, thanks for stopping by! Here you will find more about me, about Little Mushroom Cap and

Me and Life:

The name given to me is Amira Saryati Ameruddin. Born in Malaysia. Raised in Malaysia by both wonderful parent. My passion for craft begins so early in my life. Watching my mother sew, watching my father do wood work. Though both of my parents are working fulltime, they had always time  to squeeze for their hobbies.

Now here I am, following the same path. Working full time yet willing to find time for my hobbies and my craft endeavours. I love my job. I love teaching. I love Physics. but I also love craft. If I had to choose between one, I can’t. That’s why I think its best for me to do both as it keeps me happy and motivated.

Sewing Space
In 2011-2016, I lived in Australia. With My husband and my little one. Studying for a Physics PhD scroll at Australian National University, ANU, And that was the time when I fell in love with quilting. When we reached there, I knew I had to find a sewing machine and I bought mine from a local quilt shop – in which I found amazing quilting fabrics. So ever since then, I have been learning how to quilt and all the different techniques of quilting. I am back in Malaysia now but still quilting despite the hot weather. I find joy in making quilts, learning new techniques and expressing my creativity.

With that same passionate adventure, The Little Mushroom Cap was born. I plan to build a business around my creative adventure, but my main objective is to encourage others to start exploring their creativity by inspiring ideas, sharing tutorials, patterns and a lot more!

Why do I Blog?

  •  I love to share – YES, I would love to share all things creative with YOU. I hope you have fun around here too. Let me know things you like to see around the blog and I’ll try my best to have it around.
  •  I love to connect with all of the creatives out there
  •  I am more real in writing than I am in person I think (because I digest people’s saying a bit slow but I respond fast, so things normally spurt out my mouth not as intended to be).
  •  I am mostly motivated by what I write and by talking to myself ( Yes, I do talk to myself a LOT!) so, when I write, I feel like I am talking to myself and it gives me motivation to do better and to be more productive from time to time.
  • I was inspired by blogs and I too want to be inspiring.

So I guess that is it. I really do wish you stick around and enjoy the posts around this blog. I hope to inspire you in somewhat or even more : to start venturing your creativity!

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Well, till then,

I hope to see you around here often !



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  2. We creatives are really alike! I seem to spirt out things without thinking. Mymother said it was because my brain was on fast forward. I think it is the reason I love crafting and sewing.

    • Amira Reply

      We are! Totally get that. Keep on crafting! I think it keeps the life balanced and happiness comes with it…

      • Dorothy Reeve Reply

        I have been enjoying your emails! I am 90 yrs old and at one time even taught tailoring, have been sewing all my life. Left the sewing world to become a potter and grew too old for that, so have returned to Quilting and there are so many new things I need to learn that I’m excited to join your FREE MOTION QUILTING BOOTCAMP. Thanks Dot Reeve

  3. Ellen Valley, North Carolina, USA Reply

    Just reading about you inspired me, Amira! Thank you for the free printable templates!


  5. Cindy L Masek Reply

    I love your printables and your videos. I admire your educational goals! A PhD in physics is no small thing. I have most of a EdD in nursing and decided that it was too much (and I am too old now – should have started at your age!).
    Might you come up with a template or some kind of paper pieced instruction for flying geese? Getting the point precise drives me nuts!
    Keep up the good work on all fronts!

  6. Elizabeth Feuer Reply

    Thanks for the troubleshooting blog post. I am starting up after a long layoff and trying to get back in the flow and started to get some tension problems and eyelashes. Thanks for sharing the info and you’re a beautiful round pebbles and spirals are an inspiration!

  7. Vicki Porter Reply

    looking for your musical bird quilt. can’t find it and want to get back to quilting it.


    after I sign up – can I reach you directly?
    I am a beginner and have fallen love with the “Tree Frog” pattern at Legit Quilts.com and want to make one!!!! Could you advise as to wether it is this is to big – as a first time endeavor?


  9. Tamara Oster Reply

    Hi Amira,

    I enjoyed reading about you. Lovely to see quilters in Malaysia where I left a big piece of my heart. I lived in Kuala Lumpur for five years working at the US Embassy and I miss your beautiful country more than I can express. I enjoyed all the various textiles and even took classes to learn to make batiks. I too would squeeze in time to sew (home decor, garments, costumes, quilt), paint, and do needlework at every opportunity, textiles and colour have always been my passion.

    I took every opportunity to travel and learn about the various cultures homogenized into one that makes Malaysia so uniquely beautiful and special. And than there is the food…how I miss the delicious food, nothing compares!

    I am grateful to have found you and savour your stories. I look forward to watching you grow as a quilter and seeing where your designs take you.

  10. So glad to find the 7/8 hex template, thanks for sharing! I was asked to repair a badly frayed quilt for a lady who is turning 100 this year. It was made by her mother, who gave it to her when she went to college. Grandmother’s flower garden. Am learning a lot about caring for old fabrics and hand piecing. Feel like I’m on a mission from God, as the Blues Brothers used to say.

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