5 reasons why you should bring your handmade quilt when you travel

It may soundĀ a little weird to some people as to why we should bring one possibly heavy quilt to travel! But, as a quilter – I think it is necessary! ….unless you want to spare room for fabrics, of course šŸ˜›

reasons to bring a handmade quilt when you travel

Here are 5 reasons why you should always bring a handmade quilt to travel:

#1 Bringing the feel of home and coziness

The minute you reach the hotel room, laying down those quilt on the white hotel bed suddenly looks much cozier and feels much more like home. Your quilt might even lookĀ better in the hotel setting too. Ā I Ā take the opportunity to enjoy the quilt on hotel beds as there is less clutterĀ in the hotel room as compared to our room back at home.

#2 Conversation starter

Someone might be interested in your quilt and it can be a great conversation starter.

#3 Warmth inside car / plane

The standard reason and need for a quilt. I don’t normally bring big quilts. Only lap size ones – perfect for putting on laps on those long car journey or plane.

#4 They double duty as picnic mats

I use my quilts for sitting/relaxing on, when on the beach – or the park. They wash easily in the washing machine so I don’t worry much. They are so much beautiful than those regular picnic mats.Ā There are many times that I forgot to bring any quilts or mat to travel that I simply regret not having a quilt in the car boot somehow.

#5 Great opportunity for amazing photos

This is the main reason why I bring my quilt! I love taking photo of them in the wild – in the beautiful nature. The perfect lighting. The perfect background. I love outdoor quilt photos, so whenever we travel, I almost always bring a quilt!

This quilt is the rainbow wash Medallion Quilt I made sometimes ago, and I had the most wonderful farm stay at Kangaroo Valley, NSW and was so pleased to have some photo of the quilt there!

Modern Medallion Farm Retreat

modern medallion quilt rainbow wash little mushroom cap

Have you brought your quilt travelling before? Let me know and share a photo if you have – tag me on instagram!

Quilty Hugs,


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  1. What a lovely quilt. And I agree that those photoes in nature make it even more lovely. I always bring hexies with me, and they are good for starting conversations, for sure. Next time I will bring one of my quilts. Thanks for the idea.

  2. A very beautiful setting for your quilt – both the scenery and the quilt look fantastic!! We mainly travel in a small motorhome and I carry several of my quilts with us for the bed and one small one to cuddly up in when reading in the evening outside near the firepit.

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