I started another sampler quilt, a little modern one this time using modern fabric.

I am joining along the 100days100blocks sew-along hosted by Gnome Angel. 

If you want to join along, the quilt-along is made using the Kinship Sampler Quilt Pattern. You can get the pattern for 10% off with code AMIRA here. 

Midway update on the 100days 100 blocks Kinship quilt along

This quilt-along is the 100days, 100 blocks with Kinship Quilt Pattern hosted by the pattern designer, Angie of Gnome Angel.

I posted earlier a start to this quilt along here and I thought it would be fun to update mid-way updates on these blocks.

This has definitely been a blast and a lot of fun that I look forward to whenever I have 15 minutes break after dinner or after work.

I was a lot behind when we almost reached day 50. But after watching Karen’s interview with Angie talking about this quilt along and seeing other quilter’s blocks has really sparked new ideas and excitement for me to catch up again! 

Kinship quilt 100 days 100 blocks quilt along-5

Quilt Along Tip

When I was behind, I didn’t try to catch up where I left off. I simply did the block of the day and posted them on Instagram. 

This allows me to feel like I am up to date rather than behind and it really does amp up the motivation to keep going.

Behind the scene, I was catching up on the blocks I missed. Doing two or three at a time together with the one of the day.

Another thing that keeps me motivated is the fun childish feeling that I get cutting out the fabric and putting them together.

Playing with wonderful Tula Pink fabric

Tula Pink fabric design are all so special. With her fun prints, I get to immerse myself with a little fun here and there, fussy cutting and also simply enjoying the little details. It is just so much fun seeing all the colours match together regardless of how they are so in contrast. 

It is also fun mixing the fabrics together and putting them into position in the blocks. I did feel like I was in wonderland, with the weird colours, the stripes, the dots… they all feel like they’re moving too. 

In some of these blocks, I feel like the dots were balls floating and in some rolling in the columns.

Look at this one – that little dots ended up just there, I didn’t fussy cut it, but now it looks like it is about to roll in that little column.


While I did fussy cut some dots, I didn’t do it for all of the blocks just to save fabrics and simply to just relax and not to be too fussy about each cut.

For example, like this one, the green dots seem like they’re floating around in the purple frame.

This one I had fun fussy cutting the squirrels and the tip of the arrow was fussy cut from one the twigs in the same fabric. One of the arrows has a stripy background, the other has dots and that gives a totally different look to the arrow itself.


I feel like there’s a story for each block and that keeps me excited every time I get to work on this quilt.

Seeing other quilters on the journey is also exciting. 

Of course, Angie herself is doing a fun sea theme. Her choice of fabric and fussy cutting is out of the world! I absolutely enjoyed seeing hers coming together.

Another one I look forward to is from Becky…

Her tone down, sweet blocks with again some great fussy cutting is also a dream to watch comes together.

2022 Kinship Sampler Quilt Along

I am thrilled that I got on board with this quilt along. I heard that the same pattern is going to be used again for next year and I think I am going to be joining again next year! Will need to start collecting fabric for that now.

Maybe a pastel look? O the possibilities!

It is never too late to join, You can get the pattern for 10% off with code AMIRA here. 

Even if you don’t get to join on time this year, next year you get to join on time! It’ll be fun. I am already excited to make another one…


  1. That is so cute! I love the mix of colors and fabrics. And even at my age, 70, I understand and feel that childlike delight in cutting up fabrics and sewing them back together into something beautiful.

  2. Margaret Morgan Reply

    I plan on doing this in Tula fabrics too. It’s nice to see what you have made.

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