Do you have limited sewing area? Or do you sew in the dining area? Are you looking to add a craft table to the space?

If you have a large space for sewing, lucky you. I know some of us do have the whole basement or attic to make it into their sewing space and I do envy them a little 🙂

If you don’t have the right space just yet, don’t worry, I suggest you try and make the most out of what you have now. I am pretty sure everyone starts from nothing. And later you can gauge your interest in having a dedicated space for sewing and maybe plan for it the next time you move, or renovate the house.

In this post, I’ll share some of the best craft tables or sewing tables that are space-saving for your small sewing space.

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& of the best sewing table for small spaces.

I have moved 7 times in 7 years in a row.

And in those times, I have made myself pretty comfy with all kind of sewing space. There is definitely “sewing area” in my mind every time we chose a house to move in to.

However, in my first house that we moved in when we were in Australia, we lived in a one-bedroom apartment. We live off student’s allowances, so that was the one we could afford to live in.

I sewed next to my bed, with the bed as the bench when I actually use the table. But I was ever so grateful that I still have the opportunity to continue sewing at that time.

And that was the start of this blog, The Little Mushroom Cap. 

You can read more about why I blog here if you are interested.

Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is, work with what you have now, be grateful and make things work out. I still have a small sewing space now that I am sharing with my hub’s office. But it is so much more than what I use to have.

I am currently looking for a cutting table and scouring down the net for some ideas. Might as well I share them with you.



For a small space, here are some suggestions of sewing tables with space for your stash and notions or as an extra table for cutting.


Foldable Craft Table – The Perfect Cutting Table

This one even has a little space in the middle to put some fabrics and stash in.

I love the fact that it can be used single sided as well, which mean it can be much smaller when used.And another advantage is that it has wheels. Easy to move around and you can even temporarily open it up in another area in case you sewing space won’t fit it.

Free shipping with AMAZON PRIME. From the review, many have mentioned that this was the perfect table for them and It was easy to set it up. Another bonus there. See more review HERE.


Fold Flat on the wall Craft Table

This table folds flat on your wall when not in use! How useful is this to be an extra table around your living area. Maybe you want to sew or craft while you are with your family watching tv, this is the perfect solution!

Check more review HERE.  Looks like a great table to have in the craft room, especially for small space or if you have to turn your sewing room back into a guest room. I need to do this all the time since my sewing room is the only extra room we have left for guests.


Drawer Foldable Craft Table

Don’t underestimate what a drawer can fit.

I love drawers in my sewing room. They can fit so much stuff.

If you are looking for an extra space for your sewing items, might as well get this as not only that it has space for the things, it can also be an extra table!

The table is foldable making it smaller when not in use. It is also easy to assemble.

It also has wheels which is perfect for moving it around the sewing room or even bringing it in the tv room.

Check the current price HERE> 

Kangaroo Sewing Cabinet / Sewing Table

An all in one sewing table, that fold neatly into a cabinet. 

The advantage of this kind of table is the hydraulic lift for the sewing machine. It keeps your sewing machine out of sight and this can be very useful if your sewing space is not a permanent sewing space.


It has wheels and extra table area when opened up and made of very sturdy materials.

However, I do know that this table is very heavy. And putting it together will take some time as they are made of various pieces. It is also very PRICEY. But Kangaroo Sewing Cabinet is known for their quality.

Check out more details of this table HERE>


Sauder Sewing Cabinet / Sewing Table

Another cabinet just like the one above, but without the hydraulic lift.  

However, this one is only a fraction of the price!

Check the Price HERE>

What makes this cabinet great is that it has wheels and the table top can be further extended when the doors are opened. The aesthetic is also modern classic looking and no one will ever guess it is a craft table!


It also comes in cherry wood and other colours to match your home deco. Check it out HERE>


Counter Height Craft Table

For cutting fabrics, this one is the perfect table as it is counter height. I normally would stand when cutting as that give just the right amount of force to cut fabrics with.

This table is great for that purpose. Not only that, it also has tons of space for sewing items and looks really neat.

The price is midrange, but the reviews are great and many said that it was the perfect addition to their space even in small spaces.

See more reviews HERE>


Bookshelf Craft Table

Doors open up into a table from the bookshelf.

The table top then falls back down when not in use. The space for items and notions are plenty.

However, only small machines can be kept within the space of the bookshelf underneath the table. Make sure you check out the measurements if you plan to keep sewing machines in there.

It also has a modern aesthetic and very simple.


Well, that ends the list of small, space-saving craft table.

I do hope it gives some of you hope or even give you some ideas on how to make your sewing space more efficient!

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