I am a fan of Amazon.

I can scroll for hours and add things to my cart and sometime I ended up buying, but sometime not. Eitherway, I had fun.

This post contain affiliate links provided for your convenience. Please find my full disclosure here.

As Amazon Prime members, you get two-day free shipping (in US) and a lot more discounted rate such as discount on Kindle and Audible. Both of my favourite app to use.

Not only that, you will also get access to lots of FREE instant access to unlimited movies on Prime Videos.

So, it sorts of wrap all your entertainment needs (Watching, reading and shopping) into one single membership. Quite a deal I would say.

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Apart from that, come this:

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon has this Prime Day shopping deal that goes live every year. During this Prime Day, you can save tons! I am drooling over the deals right now.

Hence I am sharing with some of the things that is quilting and sewing related which you can grab it and be in the watch for.

Note: In order for you to grab these deals, make sure you sign up for Amazon Prime if you haven’t.

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Click “Watch deals” so that you don’t miss out on these deals (in case you clicked before time)

You have to log in as prime members to get the price on deal. So if you are not yet a member,

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Cutting Mat

This one has a lifetime Warranty. I have been through 4 cutting mat so far, so I think if this goes on a great deal, it will be great as a spare.

Fat Quarter Storage – click photo to get deals.

I love my fat quarter storage boxes. These are easy to move about and I even like to use mine for work in progress. Mine is not exactly this one, but this one is on the deal and nothings beats a good deal!


Light Box

I use my tablet to trace sometime, but the light always goes off before I get to finish tracing. So here is a deal to watch so that we can keep tracing without having to un-sleep the device. (But if you are keen on getting a new tablet – amazon prime day also has great deals on devices! Like almost half price on Table fire- only $29.99)

Snap Button Plier Set

This one is my favourite! I love my snap button Set. I love to use it on all kinds of projects! Especially pouches, bags, pillow casing and cloth diapers.

Sewing Machine

I always be in the look out for sewing machine deals as many newbies come to me asking what type of  sewing machine should they start with. Here is one great one on deal if you haven’t have one yet or you are gifting someone with one! I love sharing my love of sewing to others, and am sure you do too.

Well among all of this, you can also add-on those long waited wish list so that you can save on shipping (for those who don’t get to use their FREE shipping option – like me 🙁 )

Nothing to lose, try Amazon Prime for FREE today.

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Till then, Happy Shopping!

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