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I rarely knit really. As much as I want to knit more, I seem to have less patience to knit than to sew. To me it seems so slow to get a finished knitting project done. I figured, knitting has its own pace, its own kind of therapy. I do enjoy it somedays. Especially on cold days where sitting under a quilt watching tv would be best. Those are perfect knitting days.

However, I did found a quick satisfying knit project though. A pair of simple socks for my little one.

Quick Knit Socks for toddler

I really enjoyed knitting this pair. The pattern is called Pitter Patter from the book :  I knit the pair in between other daily stuff in 2 days. Which is fast for me – a beginner knitter.

Mushroom knit charm - knitting socks

Have I told you I love ? Maybe I have… when I finished my very first sock here. But I do, really love it.  I learned how to knit two-socks at a time with this book. Now I even know how to knit toe up. I applied similar technique and managed to tackled toe up in two of my other socks here and here.

So I highly recommend this book for those who want to learn how to knit socks. You can also get theif you are interested into that.

I recommend this book for beginner sock knitters

The quick finish was really lovely. My son really enjoyed it through our last winter! I really need to make another soon before our next winter comes.

Toddler socks - perfect and quick knit

Until next time, take care and have a wonderful holiday!



A week ago I finished my third hand knit socks. I am slow with all my knit and crochet projects mainly because I don’t spend enough time with them. I would say I knit pretty fast (I am doing it the continental method) but I get bored after 2 or 3 rows! When I get bored I stop and it may be another week before I get hold of it again!

Even though slow, it has an end. So here is my latest knit socks finished. I haven’t blocked it though. That can wait. It is not socks season anymore here down under.

The sock pattern is Crocus from the book Toe Up Socks for Every Body by Wendy Johnston. I really enjoyed making this socks, I love the lacy look too.

Socks front view
I did mistake here and there, but I just move along. Where I can repair I did, where I can’t I just keep going. I am not that good at correcting knitting mistakes yet, sometimes it just made it worst. So, I am pretty happy and proud with this finish.

Online Class for two-at-a-time toe up socks knitting

If you are interested to learn how to do a toe up socks two at a time, this class is also a great start.

Crocus Socks
Crocus socks October 2014
crocus socks _ back
Well, here are all three socks. See how my patient grew? The third socks have a longer leg part!

My hand knit socks
Here is the blog link to my first socks and my second socks.

As a reward to a finish I bought 4 more sock yarns? Was that a wise move? Haha. I am a sucker for things that is colourful! Here are the new sock yarns purchased from Skein Australia.
New sock yarns
I can’t believe I chose all 4 with similar tone! There were like a million choice ! Sometimes you don’t realise that you kind of have a colour that you are more keen on….don’t you feel the same?

Well, till next time,

Have a gorgeous day! Spread some love and choose happy!

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sock knitting. learn how to knit socks two at a time toe up


Been quiet around here lately. Off on holiday the last couple of weeks and now I am back in Canberra.

Been sewing a tiny bit here and there whenever I have some times in between chores, studies and other responsibilities. I love it how sewing can just bring me somewhere where I feel so myself.

Anyway, I joined over the #verycherryswap over on Instagram and got myself busy with some cherry fabrics. However, I haven’t started any sewing for my swap partner just yet but I already have few ideas. She wanted something for the sewing room, and I think I have just the thing for that.


 In the meantime, I am making patchwork potholders for a special someone whose birthday is coming very soon. Can’t resist the combination of theses fabrics altogether. I love scrappy stamp look.

I crochet the edges for a bit of vintage inspired look. Love them so much that I wanna keep them! So, I guess that is a good sign that it will be a great gift don’t you think?

patchwork potholder

 Well, till next time! I have few quilts that needed quilting but I ran out of threads….. still waiting for the mail for them.. hopefully I will have bigger finishes soon to share.

Thank you for reading!


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These days, I love spending time with yarns. I made these beanies the other day and was in love with them! They were gifts for the newborns recently.

Lime Green crochet beanie

This is a quick project and suitable for beginners. If you are planning to crochet and looking for a beginner project, this is a good one. Here is the link to the free pattern.

In the mean time, enjoy the photos! I love the texture of crochet goods!

Lime Green crochet beanie _ doublke layer flower crochet 
Close up _ crochet beanie with flower

Pink crochet beaniePackage _ littlemushroomcap_ mushroom

Love the stickers I received from my DQS14 partner last time. Perfect for sealing the packaging I’d say.
Well, Hope you are heading to a great weekend!
Sock knitting 
My Sock knitting Project box
At last I finished another pair of socks, a lace pattern named Rose Bud from the book by Wendy Johnson.
Pair of hand knit socks
I am a self taught knitter, I make lots – and I mean -lots of mistakes along my journey. The socks are not perfect, but I love them. This book taught me how to knit two at a time, and this one taught me how to knit a toe up socks. Other than that, I love these videos too which taught me the sense and socks terminology. If you are interested to hand knit socks, I highly recommend you all of the above. Staci’s videos are awesome. She is a great teacher. So you should definitely check her out.
I love hand knit socks. There is something about them that makes me smile when I open the socks drawer and when I wear them I can’t help admiring them.
Pair of hand knit socks _ worn 
Well, this one turns out better than the first one. But I totally missed out the point of lace because I did my yarn over wrong. I only got them right after the heel turns. Haha. It’s okay, there’ll be chance to correct that in the next pair.
Sock knitting work in progress
Back cuff and heel
Pair of hand knit socks _ worn2
In conclusion, I have enjoyed my knitting journey with these socks, though I must admit I am a very slow knitter who often got bored after few rows! Hence the slow progress.
Pair of hand knit socks _ finish
Looking forward to knit another pair soon. Crossing off this project off for my first quarter of finish along!
Sock knitting work in progress balls of yarns to finish 
Till next time,
I have been squeezing some crochet time here and there especially when I am watching TV or watching my son play.
Here is my latest crochet project which I am falling in love even more as I progress.
Crochet Granny squares blanket _ 1
The pattern is taken from a lovely dutch blog – though the pattern is in dutch, I figured it out myself what each step means because the google translation did not do so well for patterns. Besides, the tutorial is packed with clear photos, so it was an easy ride.
Crochet Granny squares blanket _ 3
Crochet Granny squares blanket _7
Crochet Granny squares blanket _6
Crochet Granny squares blanket _5
I chose to make it in various colours as I know I can get easily bored 😛
Crochet Granny squares blanket _4
I am using Naturally NZ 100% Wool yarns bought from a very lovely Australian Online store, Bubs2Grub. Karina, The owner of the shop is very helpful and the shipping is superfast. I have purchased several time from her and love the service and the yarn choices. Not to mention the bargain price too, so if you are in search for some lovely yarns, check the store out (!)
Crochet Granny squares blanket _ 2
Anyway, I am off to a busy weekend – will post on my last post of the About A Quilt Sampler QAL series this weekend and off to BBQ at a friend house too. Summer is here down under !
Here is one behind the scene of the photoshoot : As usual, with my little helper photobombing
behind the scene of photoshoot
Have a good weekend, and thank you for stopping by!
By the way, my giveaways are still running here and here till Saturday 14th..
It has been awhile since I last blogged, and I really missed it. Well, it has been a really, really busy end of year. Especially when that two-year of graduate year mark hit me. It doesn’t really stop me from crafting, though I did find myself straying around other new craft projects instead of sticking to the existing ones. 
So, since I am no where moving with my existing projects – including my QAL (Sorry for those waiting for putting the blocks together – I will get to them as soon as I have proper time), I would like to introduce you to my fairly new crafting endeavours : knitting!
Patons Knitting Yarn
After my first sock knitting project was done, I decided to go for the standard scarf knitting with two long needles. This one is made from a pattern on Ravelry. It is called Anthro-Inspired Scarflet. I love the simplicity of it and I totally recommend this pattern for knitting beginners.
Finished Anthro Inspired Scarflet
Finished Anthro Inspired Scarflet 2
Close Up detail Anthro Inspired Scarflet
I made it for a friend. A very close friend who gave me a knitting book for my birthday last year. I gave this scarf to her on her birthday last month and she loved it! I loooove the feel of giving.
There are uneven stitches in first knitting project here but I feel good anyway. Testing out from english style to continental style at a point made the scarf look different half way with somehow different tension. Lesson learnt.
In progress Anthro Inspired Scarf - knitting - chocolates
Can’t wait to start knitting new projects soon, but as of today – I am going to finish off few of my W.I.Ps first before heading out to knit again! I miss blogging about those!
Till then,
Have a great weekend!

If you have been following my Weekend Do or My week of Crafting photos, you would probably have seen the progress of this knitted sock.
1_knitted sock 
 I am proud to call myself a knitter now! I love the process of knitting, though fiddly, I love it!
I have never thought wearing this hand-knitted sock feel sooooo good! feels a little luxurious too.
I love the fit of this sock, snuggly to my feet. However I do prefer to have made the cuff longer. I guess I was just impatient to get it done!
1_knitted sock_first 
Anyway, I see more knitted socks in my future. Bought some yarns already for more adventure. Yikes. Now I am yarn stashing too!
I hope you had a great weekend! Despite of my little one being sick all this week and this weekend, I did have a lovely sew day with Canberra Modern Quilt Guild members today.
Till next time,


This week I have been terribly busy and didn’t have time to post on my blog, so here are all in one!

Since I am linking this post to finish it up Friday, here are some finishes first :

I finished a quilt top made from my own pattern (to be released on etsy soon)

Clover Lover_ A quilt in progress

Clover Lover_ A quilt in progress - quilt pattern_ littlemushroomcap

Last weekend I also manage to get another crochet dishcloth done. I love the textures on this one!

crochet dish cloth _ crochet kitchen

textures _ crochet _handmade photograph

flowers on crocheted dishcloth_handmade_ kitchen

textures _ crochet

By the way, I love spring! I can pick flowers and put some as props.. what fun!

I have come to love crochet more and more. Lovely colors of yarns make me want to learn as quickly and wish I had all the time in the world.
This pouch here was made by by mother in law and I recently made a zippered lining. I can now use it to put my daily needs for a quick makeup.
Crochet make up pouch
Crochet make up pouch with lining
I love the textures crochet creates. My mother in law crochets very neatly. I adore her works.
Crochet make up pouch handmade
Crochet make up pouch close end zip
Crochet make up pouch close end ip
I see more crochet pouches in my future. Will definitely learn how make some myself!