Applique Quilt

For those waiting for the About A Quilt Sampler QAL post, I have to say very sorry as I have forgotten to upload the photo of the block tutorial to flickr before I left Canberra. I will get to it before the month ends with the quilting too.
Currently I am back in Malaysia. Visiting my father in law who is still in coma. He is stable and is currently being treated at home. We are praying for his strength to recover and for my mother in law to be as strong to go through this difficult time. Your wishes and prayers are most welcome and appreciated.
Before leaving Canberra, I did manage to get the quilt for my mother in law done. I am getting it hung up in the room where my father in law is staying in. It is fairly a small quilt, but a good size for a wallhanging.
gingko blues wallllhanging quilt machine applique_full 
gingko blues wallllhanging quilt machine applique_corner
close up_ gingko blues_
I started this quilt back in 2012 and procrastinate in getting it done. But I am glad it is all bound and ready to
be hung now.
gingko blues wallllhanging quilt machine applique
Thank you for your visit!


I haven’t finished a lot of quilt yet so tempted to start another… so….

I cut out the next quilt to be sewn : a pick from an one of the Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine – Gingko Blue.

I love the colour of this quilt. And I love the gingko leaves.. can’t wait to start!
I have tried raw edge applique before with the cupcake wallhanging here. And I thought it’d be great to move on to bigger quilt. So, i guess this would be perfect!
This one is more challenging and a lot more pieces. But I’ll have fun definitely.
Well, I’m glad I’ve done all the cutting.

There it goes in my to do basket; tee hee…

Will update soon hopefully. With some sewing…

In the intervals of larger projects, it is always nice to have some of those little quilts finished.
I made this wallhanging to get the hang of machine quilting – thus explaining why such a large negative space.
With this project as well, I learned how to do raw-edge applique.
It is always nice to learn a couple of things and brushing up the skills while finishing up a small project.
Such a great way to get instant gratification wouldn’t you agree?
cupcake wallhanging quilt super cute and easy cupcake wallhanging quilt



Machine quilting is quite addictive but it takes a while to get used to as well and a lot of patience. This little quilt took me quite some time to be finished. But finally I did it.
 cupcake wallhanging quilt
The best part is the binding part. This time I tried the tutorial here. I love the output of having no stitches showing up from the front side, but it takes a lot of care to make sure that it looks neat on the back as well.
So, in total this little quilt is for me to practice raw applique, machine quilt and binding! That’s why I love little quilt projects!
Have you tried making mini quilts before?