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I have been making more of my Girlfriend’s Wallet and this time round I use pastel colors as these are custom orders.

I realized I didn’t have much pastel fabrics in my stash. I am not into much pastel but I still love them. Maybe it is a new beginning to start a pastel stash!

Anyway, this time I reprinted my Girlfriend’s wallet pattern and found the watermark was just covering some of the words, so I decided to remove the watermark, added some minor changes to measurement of the card pocket for more room for adjusting your card slots. It still works if you decide to use the old version of the pattern, as this is just a minor change to allow more room for errors.

I was feeling really organized and had all my cut pieces labelled as per instruction. The fun alphabetical printout makes it so much fun and cute!

Girfriend's wallet Pattern on Craftsy - began

I made two of the wallet. Easier to go through the process all at once. Makes production much faster too!

Girfriend's wallet Pattern on Craftsy

I added clasp at the side of the wallet. This clasp can be used to hold on to keys or even to slide in a wrislet. Perfect for a short stroll without handbag. Everything in one place!

Girfriend's wallet Pattern on Craftsy _soft colours

Here is a short tutorial on how to make the clasp:

Just before the step of sewing down the interior piece with the exterior,

1. Cut a piece of 2.5″ square from the fabric you want to make the clasp holder with. Iron on the light interfacing.

2. Fold the horizontal side seam inside about 0.5″ in like the second photo  below.

3. Fold it again in half, folded edges meeting each other. Top stitch close to each side.

4. Slide in the clasp through the sewn piece and pin in place. Continue to sewing the exterior to interior piece together as per instruction in the pattern.

I hope that helps!

Have fun making your wallet.


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  1. The clasps are a great idea Amira! Love the pretty fabrics you have used for these wallets too.

    • amira_littlemushroomcap Reply

      Thank you Kisten! I am loving the sweet look of these wallet too. The clasp is great for holding on to keys. I always loose my key in my messy bag. I am new with Disqus system and I hope this reply will reach you and inform you that I replied. I have been replying to my previous comment and just got to know that wordpress doesn’t tell that I replied.

  2. The clasps are a great idea Amira! Love the pretty fabrics you have used for these wallets too.

  3. Tarlee Turpin Reply

    I have trouble putting zips in.
    Can you please tell me if there are good instructions to put the zip in this pattern.

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