Another fun Finish this week is a table runner. I have been intentionally trying to make more small usable projects like table toppers and table runners for me to gift away. I do love small quick projects for quick gratification.

Making small quilted gifts

As much as I want to gift every friend and family member a full bed-size quilt, that seems like a big dream, and most likely some will never get anything made from me. So, I have been intentionally putting more time and thoughts to make these small items that I am making to gift away. As I make these gifts, I am always excited thinking about the person who will be receiving them, and I think that is part of the joy as well. 

Some ideas that come to my mind when gifting quilted gifts are hot pads, table runners, table toppers, pouches or placemats. I have gifted these before and they’re always fun to see again when I come and visit my friends and family at their home. 

So, I’m looking forward to making more and spreading more love to more people. 

Mini Charm Pack

Mini Charm Packs typically contain 2.5-inch by 2.5-inch squares of fabric. These packs consist of an assortment of fabric prints and colors that are carefully curated to coordinate with each other, often following a specific theme or color palette. Moda Fabrics releases new fabric collections regularly, so their Mini Charm Packs provide quilters with the opportunity to explore and work with the latest fabric designs and patterns in a convenient and cost-effective way. I do love that you get all the variety from one single mini charm pack. Some people like to collect these for their favorite collection just to keep.

Mini charms packs are super fun to get, especially when you grab them at the counter in a brick-and-mortar shop or when you’re trying to fill up the cart to get free shipping when shopping online. You can even sign up for a monthly dose of Mini Charm Packs here>. This is a great way to get an idea of what fabric you might want to get in a larger precut size or even in yardage.

Trying out a new color palette

I have been inspired to try out a different color palette, and lately, I’ve been loving Kim Diehl’s Collections! I also love her latest patterns with Its Sew Emma. Definitely will jump into making one of them soon. And, what better way to try out a new color palette than by using a mini charm pack, right? I grabbed this mini charm pack on SALE and got to work.

Mini Charm Pack Quilt Project

I didn’t spend much time designing the runner, I just thought a simple 4-patch would be a fun way to start. I added a 4.5″ square unit background to alternate between the 4-patches and a 2.5″ wide border around the quilt center to frame the table runner.

The four patches came together pretty quick with the magic of chain piecing!

I decided to use a tan-based printed background. I pulled this background fabric from my stash. Lately, I have been more intentional in building more background fabric stash. It is so much fun to pull from my stash whenever I need one that fits.

Backing from a piece of scrap?

And I was so excited to find a scrap piece that I got from the SCRAP BAG HERE that fits perfectly as the backing! The size of the scraps you get from this scrap bag is definitely worth it. In my sewing room, these definitely are not going with my scrap pile just yet. So, I was very excited to make use of this scrap as the backing, What a coincidence that I got scraps from one of Kim Diehl’s collections as well in the random scrap bag. Surely made me feel very lucky. 

Just look at how fitting is that background fabric with the quilt top!

The “scraps” was enough for the backing and the binding!

Mini Charm Pack Table Runner Easy Mini Charm Pack Project-2

Free Motion Quilting Spirals

Spirals feel like the right motif for the allover design for this color. Classic, yet fun to make and give a nice flowy texture to the quilted table runner. If you are in the free motion quilting boot camp, there is a whole unit on how to make Spiral designs and various types of spirals motif you can practice. So make sure you try it!

Table runners are the perfect size to get a good amount of free motion quilting practice, Not too big, and surely not too small! Especially a skinny table runner like this, it is the perfect one that will not get you to keep going without feeling overwhelmed. 

Of course, if you are a seasoned quilter, this would be a breeze! Just enough to get excited and done with a project in an evening. 

free motion quilting spirals

Label in the binding

I tried putting the label in the binding again as I did with this quilt. And I did record it to show you, but I wasn’t that happy with the final look of the label, so I need to tweak that a little more before sharing the final template for the labels with Quilt Label Wizard.

Labeling your quilt

I still need to adjust the size of the labels and perfected the seams so that this can easily be incorporated at the binding. I am loving this labeling method especially for small quilts. 

What do you think?

Do you label your handmade? I really think it’s important to label them, and the receiver will surely appreciate it too! 

Join Quilt Label Wizard HERE to make your own custom labels. 


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  1. Sharon Vance Reply

    Well done! I just love that color palette. I will hold onto this post so I can try something like this!

  2. Audrey Pounds Reply

    Absolutely Beautiful! I truly look forward to each and every email! Thank you!

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Thank you Audrey, that comments with the email mention means a lot to me! I truly enjoy writing them and really hope someone on the other side will enjoy it too. Glad you dd.

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Thank you!The pattern is not yet drafted, but hoepfully, I’ll get the pattern ready before our next newsletter.

  3. Very nice! Someone will be very happy with this runner. Amira, I enjoy seeing what a quilter in another country is doing. Quilting brings us together from all over the world. I first learned of your blog on Karen Brown’s Youtube channel (Just Get It Done Quilts.) She’s in Canada. I’m in the US. We are all truly a community of quilters. 🙂

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Yes, I love how the quilting world brings us together. Thank you for coming by and letting me know where you came to know about my little blog.. I love Karen’s YTube and was very lucky to be interviewed by her.

  4. Michelle Page Reply

    That turned out beautiful!

    Making a pattern for that would be nice if you have the time.

    I haven’t purchased any physical items from Fat Quarter Shop yet, but I love their patterns. That scrap bag sounds awesome <3

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Thank you! Will surely try and get the pattern into a pdf soon.

  5. Love the idea and the table runner. We can make only so many quilts but table runners or round or hexagonal table toppers are usually greatly appreciated and fun to make AND use up scraps. I like doing small embroidery on them or on tea towels which I do when traveling. Also fun and appreciated. Thank you for your enthusiasm and ideas.

  6. What a great project! I have a couple of mini packs and now I have a project for them! Thanks.

  7. Deb Oxley-Smith Reply

    Beautiful table runner with the gorgeous Kim Diehl fabrics. I will certainly be making some for friends and family.

  8. You are such a delightful quilter and so are the items you show us. Thank you for sharing such moments with us.

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