I wanted to share with you my start and progress on the 2023 Designer Mystery Block of The Month, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the journey already! I love it so much that I’m weighing heavily on reserving 2024 BOM too. The patterns in these kits are perfect with all the detailed illustrations making it so easy to cut and piece.

Starching Fabric

I must confess, that I had been stalling on starting this project because I had a strong feeling that I wanted to starch my fabric first. While I don’t always take this step, I firmly believe it makes a world of difference in the accuracy of my piecing. But this time, I decided to take things up a notch and try out something new: the electric sprayer. And oh my, what a game-changer it has been!

No longer do I have to endure the discomfort of pressing my fingers until they ache. This sprayer has made the process so incredibly fast and effortless. I even recorded a video to show you just how amazing it is. You can check it out below. I highly recommend giving it a try! You can find similar one HERE>

Now, I used my own handmade starch which I shared earlier HERE>, but if you’re looking for a convenient option, you can easily get a gallon of Mary Ellen’s Best Spray starching spray HERE>. It’s a time-saver and ensures you have plenty on hand for all your projects.

Cutting and Trimming

I was having a hard time with my rotary cutter, after having to do over or even give a little too much pressure, I realised that it was time to change the blade. As soon as I changed it, everything went so smooth that I just want to spend time cutting all the pieces. So if this is a reminder for you to change your blade, do it! It makes a whole lot of difference. I am using Olfa Endurance Blade and my favourite Ergonomic Olfa Cutter. 

I love that the pattern also allows me to trim the units! This allows me to fix anything wonky and allows the units to be more accurate in size. 

Piecing Quilt Blocks

But let’s talk about the real magic here—the making of the quilt blocks. There is something about making quilt blocks that is so satisfying. I love sampler quilts because of this, but here’s the thing, every time I finish a block, I’d say to myself, someday I’ll make a quilt with just this single block! And I almost do that for every single block made this time!

They are all pretty quilt blocks that would surely be gorgeous quilts if repeated over and over. Don’t you think so? 

If only I have all the time to just quilt. Anyway, I love using M3Pro for pressing out the seams of each small unit. The steam coming out from this mini iron is surely amazing. For a tiny iron, it is powerful. However, the water tank for the steam is pretty small, therefore, I do have to keep refilling the water tank. Nonetheless, since I make one quilt block in one sitting, it is just enough and gives the perfect crispy look that I love on quilt blocks.


I’ve just pieced the first four blocks, and I am already head over heels in love. The fabrics provided each month by the FQS shop are incredibly generous, just from these 4 blocks I have so much fabric unused yet like in the photo below. I’ve found myself with more than enough leftover fabric, and I’m already dreaming up a second quilt to make with them!

So satisfied with this BOM as with all the customer service FQS provides, I’m contemplating reserving a spot for the 2024 BOM, but I’m undecided about the colors. I am not a big fan of the pink and red. But I might just go ahead!

Are any of you joining any Block of the Month quilt-along this year, or perhaps considering one soon? I’d love to hear all about your quilting adventures and what projects you’re currently working on.

Please feel free to leave a comment below—I can’t wait to hear from you all and share in the excitement of our shared passion for quilting.

Happy stitching!

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