While I am working on my double wedding ring quilt, and quilting away, I got an idea to quilt hearts.

And since I ran out of for my double wedding ring quilt, I took a break and quilted something else instead.

Besides, it gets boring just working on one project at a time. Says me – who can never really focus on getting one thing done at one time. 😛

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I decided to make a mini quilt just out of free motion quilted hearts.

I started by drawing and planning how to quilt the hearts.

Then, I redraw the hearts onto the fabric with a and started quilting away.

I didn’t draw the details inside the hearts, that one was just free-motion-ly quilted based on the idea I drew in the first place.

I am using an

Once done, I pressed the quilt with a warm iron to remove the markings and trim off the batting.

I decide to self-bind the quilt with its backing fabric. It was so much easier that way since it was such a small mini quilt. 

Fmq hearts _ 9 ways to free motion quilt hearts_ free template on the blog

I am definitely going to do that again for any more minis I’ll make in the future. Saves so much time and eliminates the need to make sure the binding tape match-up in the round.

I made mine with a floral similar to Liberty Fabrics. I think it will look great with any colour liberty fabrics.

That is the thing with Liberty Fabrics, even a small addition of them can make a project so sweet. And that is why, even though they are a little more pricey, I think they’re still worth buying even just a fat sixteen piece can be really useful.

You can buy Liberty Fabrics Here.

here are some of my favourites, though honestly I can’t pick – they’re all so gorgeous!

and check this Liberty thread set out! A splurge but it will be great to have this is stock. So pretty!


FMQ hearts Mini Quilt - 9 ways to free motion quilt hearts

It was definitely a quick satisfying project!

Now it’s hunged up cutely amongst my other minis on the wall. Love it.

Now, if you want to make one too, I have made a .pdf of the template which you can use as a reference or trace it!


Just pop in your email, and you’ll get redirected straight to the download of the pdf.

You can even print them on the matte side of the freezer paper and stitch through the papers if you are not so confident to go free motion-ly by yourself.

However, these are very tiny scale, free motion quilting motif, therefore I recommend going slow if you want to make the mini or scale it up by printing them with a larger scale.

Otherwise, just keep it as a reference: Whenever you have heart blocks to quilt,

Here are 



Pin this to your Pinterest board for reference next time.

How to quilt Hearts or heart quilt block , free motion quilting guide_ free template

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  1. Ginny Holycross Reply

    I have always been afraid to learn to quilt. This is going to b a great start for me.

  2. Oooh Amira I’m going to try this mini quilt (with hearts) Thank you

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