In this post, I am going to do a short Sew Sampler Box review. In general what I think about the subscription and some of my favourite items in the past several months.

I love watching haul videos, chatty fabric and stash talk. Something that we can share among quilters: a similar interest towards fabrics and sewing notions right?

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Now before we dive into the review,

What is the Sew Sampler Box? 

Sew Sampler Box is a monthly subscription of quilting items that you can subscribe from The Fat Quarter Shop –> click here to see if they’re open for new subscribers

The price is $24.99 per month + shipping.

They usually ship around the 20th of each month.

What do you get in the Sew Sampler Box?

Fabrics: Ranging from Fat Quarter Bundles to Charm packs, there’s a lot of fun in getting fabrics from the box. They’re usually one of the latest line that would either be released soon or have just recently been released. 

Notions: Small sewing notions, sewing gadgets or useful quilting templates. Something fun, useful and often times will accompany the patterns that come with the box 

Patterns: With each box, there’s a pattern to match what has been given in the box too. Not all the things you need will be in the box, but you’ll have somewhere to start with. They’re not limited to quilt patterns. Sometimes you get patterns for bags and others.

Block of the Month recipe Card: These are like block of the month instructions on a card. They’re printed in colour on a cardstock which I find easy to store and refer back to when needed. You can always get a recipe box like this to keep them all nice and organized. You can buy the quilt block recipe card separately at retail price too

Discount Code: Every single month, you get a discount code to shop at Fat Quarter Shop. Usually they offer 20% off deals for something in particular like Jelly Roll or Layer Cake which I find very generous. I love that it is not specific to one single item as it gives some room for choices. 

Quilting Subscription Box

I think a quilting subscription box like this is a great opportunity for quilters to be introduced to new items, to something a little bit out of our normal purchase. 

It is a great monthly surprise and I find that they kick the spirit to get quilting! Just something fun in the mailbox every single month that I look forward to. 

Not only that, if you get boxes that are curated in such a way that the total retail cost is higher than the price that you paid for, it is a win for sure.

Companies can offer subscription boxes like this at lower price because they basically can mass order the items in advance knowing that they’ll sell off. 

I have certainly gotten a few notions and fabrics that I may not necessarily select myself but they are now my favourite! 

Is the Sew Sampler Box worth it?

I definitely think that the Sew Sampler Box is worth it! The price point is also great for monthly subscriptions, just the notions and the fabrics alone make the boxes worth the price.

I love the fact that we get the latest fabric line and not ONLY just fabrics! I definitely think that the notions added to the boxes are great and surprisingly useful.

Check out what I have made with the recent Jelly Roll and Triangle on a Roll I have received in this post. These boxes just fire up all the inspiration to just get to the cutting table too. 

What are my favourite items from the Sew Sampler Box?

This video will sum it up for the Sew Sampler Box Review from June 2020- November 2020.



Let me know, do you subscribe to any quilting subscription box or fabric bundle?



  1. THanks for sharing. I often think of getting on a subscription but I never do it because I am afraid it will be something I don’t use or like fabric wise. This looks quite lovely.

  2. Pamela Flora Reply

    I have in the past done their charm pack and layer cake monthly subscriptions. I just went to the site and added my name to the waitlist for this subscription box. After reading your article it is definitely worth it.

    Thank you for sharing. I love reading your posts.

  3. Carol DeLong Reply

    Currently I am enrolled in the Connecting Threads monthly box. I am thinking of joining this one.

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