W.I.P: Grandmother’s Flower Garden, DWR

I have a few W.I.P projects that made some progress over these two weeks:

Here is a little progress photo

Grandmother’s Flower Garden


I have slowly been making progress on the grandmother’s flower garden.

This is the project I started in 2015 falling following my favourite book and quilter Edyta Sitar, Handful of Scraps.

Since it was the only sewing project I brought together when I visited my MIL over the last weekend, I did kind of got focused and had a few more of the flowers done.

Then I ran out of paper. I underestimated how fast I could be sewing them. Well, I found out that if I really just had that in my hand and “wouldn’t be chasing squirrels all the time (ie: looking at other projects)”, I can actually progress a little faster.

I am getting excited thinking that it someday this will eventually get done. And I will be so proud to have a full-size EPP quilt then.

I am using my own printable paper for this. The one for quotes on them. I love it. You can get them through the resource library or here.

Free Motion Quilting Double Wedding Ring Quilt


As I mentioned earlier in the previous week’s w.i.p, I ran out of my favourite thread, Superior Thread in Snow, that I was quilting this quilt with.

But I did progress on with a few more rings with an Aurifil 2026.

However, it is not yet completed. I realised I get bored just working on one project at a time. To the point that I kind of lost the joy of making.

So, I do not want to pressure myself on that.

I took a break from it and work on other projects for the last 5 days or so and now I feel recharged and wants to get back to it.

double wedding ring quilt bonnie and camille


Exploring you in your craft

I realised that I am uncovering more of what I like and what I don’t when I write and journal about them like this in a blog. That is why I love to blog. They keep all the memories of making and allows me to be more intentional with my crafting time.

This year I am going to put an effort to that. I want to make sure that when I make, I make with a joyful feeling.

What about you? What are you up to?



Plan for the coming days:

  • continue quilting double wedding ring quilt,
  • work on my next APQ UFO challenge, which I am excited about – the Chicken and Hen blocks.
  • just do anything that pops up – and explore!
  • watch Suzy’s class and maybe even try to squeeze that project in. I have been meaning to do this since the new year!

Craftsy Unlimited


I have always love the process of learning when I make something

and currently, I am loving the Craftsy Unlimited Series of Patchwork Nation as I watched other makers share their joy behind their makings. If you are on Craftsy Unlimited, check that out, it is an exclusive series for members only.

Not a Craftsy Unlimited yet? Try it for free for 7 days HERE>> CRAFTSY UNLIMITED

If you are already a member, let’s watch Suzy’s Class Sew Mojo. All classes are free to watch for Craftsy Unlimited Members. You no longer need to buy each individual class. How awesome is that? If you don’t like a class, you won’t be wasting money – just skip to another class! I love it so far.

and they are adding new features since they are still new, like exclusive patterns and show. No better time to join then now.

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  1. Kara

    Grandmother’s Flower Garden was my grandmothers favorite pattern. But she did not use EPP. She just cut out the hexis and stitched them together. I have over 100 of the flowers that have not yet been assembled. Double Wedding Ring was her second favorite pattern. So I know you have good taste (joke)! I remember her asking me many years ago about something she had seen: people using paper in the hexis. She asked me, “Do they just leave them in there?”. I didn’t know at the time. We both decided we liked the way we did it. ha ha ha

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