Double Wedding Ring Quilt (Progress and Tips on How to)

I am sharing with you the progress of my double wedding ring quilt in this post plus……. a video too!

I have been posting the progress of my double wedding ring quilt on instagram and have been asked a lot about what template I use, what pattern I use and etc, so I decided to make a video to just quickly answer that. I sew a couple of pieces together too and hopefully you will get some points if you plan to sew your own double wedding ring quilt too!



IT IS daunting. But for the record, I DID know that it was going to be difficult. Not the regular straight seams -most of them are CURVES! but…. I just decided one day that I am going to just start it. With the arrival of hello darling fabric fat eights bundle, I went ahead with the cutting and started to sew a couple of melons. Next thing I know, I have 100’s of those melons.


Double wedding ring quilt progress

Piecing these patchwork arcs were as easy as any other simple patch. Though, you do have to be aware on symetry and number of pieces. I use my portable design boards to put all the pieces in rows and in order so that I can chain piece as I go.  Using the template I used ( Matilda’s Own) , there is only two shape for the basic arc. Four of the pieces were similar in size and shape using template D of that particular template. Then I add a C shape to all arcs and E for the end of alternating arc. You will only need to make one long arc with end pieces (I used solid red and white in my wedding ring quilt) as they will share this end piece and form a full melon. I guess you will get the idea if you watch my video below.

If you want a similar template, you can buy it here (It is an Australian Brand — so for now it is available on Australian Website). Otherwise, you can try this one on Amazon. or this one. They both are close enough to the one I used.
Double wedding ring quilt progress2


Then comes the hard part. Piecing the melons to the centre curvy hourglass piece.


Double wedding ring quilt progress3


I DID take my sweet time. Although piecing the rows together were challenging, I still think the finish make it so worth it. I have always wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt!!! Here is a video of me (amateur video) with a quick view on how I sew the melons to centre piece and the template I used.



Double wedding ring quilt progress4


My quilt top is now ready to be basted. I haven’t got a proper photo just yet but you have a look at it on my instagram account : amira_littlemushroomcap

Well, I hope you will enjoy the video and hopefully I have not scared you to start your own double wedding ring quilt.

Take it as a challenge! The finish is so worth it!!

Here is a how I pieced my rows together. I did, however, piece my rows on point, so I have various size rows with the longest one from one corner to the other.



DWR tutorial


If you are planning to make double wedding ring quilt someday, it’s best you pin this post so you can come back to it when you do!

Double wedding ring quilt tips on how to and suggested template


Till next time, Sweet Sewing!




  1. Gunilla

    Hi Admira! Thanks for a great video with all the tips!!! The blocks look just beautiful, and it didn’t seem too hard! Thanks for the inspiration, I think you have just convinced me to make one!

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  3. Wendy Gontier

    Awesome, I have got some templates on there way to me and I plan on getting my quilt started in second half of this year unless I just start a bit at a time earlier…thanks for sharing

  4. Susan Thiel

    Thankk you for your post. You make it so much easier than other posts I have seen. After seeing your method I think I can do this.


      Surely you can Susan! Try making a small version with 9 rings – see if you like it. I went full on with the bed size, and now I am quilting it!

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