Finally the double wedding ring quilt is complete.

For double wedding ring quilt tutorial, 

you can check out THIS POST HERE for some tips on how to make one too.

In this post, I am only sharing the finished quilt.

I have been procrastinating on posting this finish. Part of me wasn’t yet happy with the photos I took of the finished quilt. I just feel like the photos didn’t give it enough justice.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Perfection is creeping on me. Sorry that you have to bear it too. But I will take more photos of this quilt again soon – maybe like my modern medallion quilt, it will get it spotlight day.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Anyway, I am really happy that it is finished, completed and ready to use. However, I was kind of expecting to be more excited about the finish than I was actually feeling. It is one of those quilts that I put lots of work in and lots of mixed feelings about.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Quilting Domestic MAchine

The Progress of making this double wedding ring quilt

It took me two and half years to finish it from the start in 2015.

You can see some of the progress HERE.

I even recorded myself sewing while sharing you the how to HERE in this post.


I love the piecing bit, I think it was the quilting that I struggle with. Blame it on myself though for not thinking it wisely before I started quilting it.

I had the idea of quilting each block differently. WRONG move.

I got bored of having to think of a new design each block! In the end, I decided to pick a couple of designs and repeat it across the rest of the blocks.

It was so much easier then and I was a little less stressful.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

And when it came to binding, I was already on the moon.

I love the scallop edge binding.

Scallop Binding Double Wedding RIng Quilt Binding


Overall, I am happy to cross off the double wedding ring quilt in my wish list of Quilt to Make. This will definitely be a family heirloom quilt.

Will I ever make another double wedding ring quilt? Yes. I will. I love it, and I think next time, I’ll try and keep the quilting a little simpler and a little less adventurous like I did with this one.


Have you ever made a double wedding ring quilt?

Will you want to make one?

You can check out THIS POST HERE for some tips on how to make one too.

let me know in the comment, maybe we can sew-along next time.


  1. I started one about 10 years ago and never finished it, although it is my favorite pattern of all time. You inspired me to get it off the shelf!!

  2. Beautiful! Well done!! My daughter and I made one for my niece/her cousin. It helped that there were 2 of us, and we didn’t quilt it. Love the scalloped binding, but I don’t know if I could tackle one~

  3. I have never done a double wedding ring quilt! You did a fabulous job – I love the quilting you did!

  4. I made one almost 20 years ago, but a smaller size. I still love it, but I don’t know if I could make another one. Maybe.

  5. I love this quilt. i have been looking for a pattern. i have found several but i just want the old fashion pieced one.This one looks like it. What pattern did you use?

  6. Linda Deering Reply

    I love it. It is fantastic. I love the colors, the edge, and the quilting. No, I have never attempted to make one, yes it is on my bucket list. My mother always wanted one but she has passed, so the inspiration is not there. Yours has inspired me again.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Judy Neill Reply

    Yes I have started one. Your’s is just beautiful. I plan to get going with mine also.

  8. Michelle Askeland Reply

    It turned out fabulous! Beautiful colors. I like the Dresden plate pillow you made to go along with it. Do you have a tutorial for the pillow too?
    I am working on a Double Wedding Ring quilt currently. It has 11 pieces in the arc. I am starting to sew the melon section to the arcs. It is not easy! I hope will keep working on it continuously until it is finished, like you have. You should be very proud of yourself for completing such a beautiful quilt. Such an accomplishment!

  9. It’s beautiful and yes this is a quilt I want to make. I want to paper piece because I know I will never be able to keep my seams close enough to quarter inch for the number of small pieces required. Your quilt inspires me to step it up and get my pattern ready.

  10. I love your Double Wedding ring quilt! I haven’t made one myself as I’ve not wanted to dedicate that kind of time to one so far. It is on my wishlist though. Congratulations on completing yours! It is beautiful!

  11. Lin Haenny Reply

    I have fallen in love with this quilt, but am afraid to try it. I am still a beginner.

  12. Tracy Jagger Reply

    Always wanted to make a Double Wedding ring, mine is now at the quilting stage. It spent two years in the basement after I made all the melons because I struggled getting it together. Lock down made me get it out! it took two months to get it together, a day to sandwich and now I’m hand quilting. I was going to send it out to quilt, but I’m embarrassed by the mistakes I wouldn’t want anyone else to see it that close up. If i was to do it again I’d stick to a lap quilt or smaller (mine is 108″ by 120″) and use FPP. I’m dreading the curved binding!

  13. I have come to the quilting part, which isn’t so bad considering it was still in pieces at the beginning of lockdown. However this is a wedding present for my daughter and her husband……. it is their 3rd wedding anniversary tomorrow! Will I make another one? Not unless I have a moment of amnesia and forget how hard it was.

  14. Jeanie Honeycutt Sauerland Reply

    This is absolutely beautiful;! One day . . .

  15. Johnnie Woolard Reply

    This is lovely! I have always wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt. You made it seem doable! Thank you.

  16. Suellen Dolson Reply

    I am trying to finish mine having trouble putting in th adjoining ppiece to make the rings following instructions on pattern but it is not working HELP please

  17. So lovely! I had to laugh because I know that feeling of working so hard on “the dream” quilt and then not being as excited when it’s done. Over time those quilts are the ones you eventually truly cherish because each time you look at them, you remember what it took to “birth” them. Real appreciation comes in hindsight! And getting it done in two years? You did good! Mine is still awaiting finishing after eleven (center rings are done, awaiting applique borders)! Like last year (and the year before that), I’m hoping this year will be the year it finally gets done (she said, fingers crossed). Really inspired by this post and the comments!

  18. There is a set of templates with instructions that make a really easy wedding ring quilt. I have this and am really enjoying making mine. You put the little pieces together and then trim down. Works perfectly! You can do an internet search for the templates kit and instructions video. I love making it!

    • Would you happen to have a link? I did the search and lots of options popped up. I always enjoy taking the recommendation of others.

  19. I love your wedding ring! You chose really beautiful colors. It’s on my “to do” list. Seeing yours finished makes me want to start!

  20. Thank you for posting. Your quilt is beautiful!

    I found your post as I was researching for a DWR that I’m starting today for a wedding that is in two months.. :^). from the other posts, I’m thinking it may turn into an anniversary gift… cotton is the traditional 2 year wedding anniversary gift, maybe it will be done by then? wish me luck!

  21. Karen Simons Reply

    I am late to join this commentary, but I have made 3 DWR quilts.. The first, made in the 1970’s was made by tracing paper patterns and cutting with scissors, hand pieced and hand quilted. The second and third were cut with a rotary cutter and a set of acrylic templates by a company called Quilting in the Heartland. Both of these were machine pieced. I just finished #3 and am fixing to load it on my longarm. Times and methods have certainly changed!

  22. BREUILLARD Reply

    Magnifique, Je recherche ce modèle de courtepointe avec ces ronds un peu ovales. Pourriez vous m’indiquer où je pourrais avoir les gabaries de ce modèle.
    Merci et bonne journée.

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