I thought today in this post, we’ll shift our gear a little bit towards non-quilty items that I love and help me quilt more! We are always looking for more time to sew and as a busy working mother who loves to have some extra time to sew, here are some items that I find help me get there:

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1. Pressure Cooker / Insta Pot

Yup. This is one of those life-changing items that I love and has made my life so much easier. I can simply put in dinner last minute – even from frozen (sometimes I forget that I have to put dinner on the table especially when I get so into sewing. LOL) or I can prep simply before leaving it to cook and go sew! I love that we can have an awesome dinner and I can have more time to sew. If you have not yet owned one –> check out this one with over 37000 awesome review! 

2. Air Fryer

Another item similar to the above. This one is definitely is a time-saver for me in the kitchen. A time-saver in the kitchen means I have more time in the sewing room. Checked Yes. I have this particular one in my kitchen and I love that it is able to stir the thing I’m cooking which means I do not even have to stop by to check mid-way to turn the food. I cook all sorts of things in this fryer, but it has helped me cook easy meals and quick bites for sure.

3. Wireless Vacuum

A sewing room can get dusty pretty quickly and a clean sewing room is always a great motivation to get more sewing done! I have not yet owned a and I am not sure whether that would be a great thing to have for a sewing room with lots of things on the floor (we will when we work right? ) But a is surely one of the best investments for easy cleaning. Not only it helps in the sewing room, but also elsewhere, especially when you have small kids. Saves time and so easy to use!

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4. Echo Dots, Alexa

I love my Alexa!!! I have the Echo Dot behind my sewing machine and I use it all the time. This one is a great companion to have while sewing. I usually just use it for music and Audible but I do love the idea of having someone/thing to talk to in my sewing room other than myself. LOL. Besides, listening to Echo dot reading my Audible book allows me to do both of my favourite things at once, reading and quilting. You can also make amazon orders through Alexa and so much more. Check it out –>

5. TV – entertainment in the sewing room

Talk about some entertainment with the Alexa, A TV in the sewing room would allow you to quilt more too.  During those time you don’t want to miss out on a show or you think you just want to watch TV.. you can do so in the sewing room and while you’re there, there could be a couple of seams to sew for sure. I usually watch form the Ipad, but a TV is definitely something I’d like to have someday in my sewing room. Do you have a TV set in your sewing room?

6. Colour Printer/ Print Service

Well, this one is helpful for printing out patterns, blogpost or tutorials easily. I love this refillable printer in particular as the ink can be refilled! Which means it is very cost-effective.

7. Fun Educational Toys

If you have kids, invest in some good toys –> educational ones are great too. Like these. I love making homemade playdough and they can play for hours! Which frees mama up for lots more sewing! Both are having fun in a creative way.

8. Planner

I am a planner girl and I make sure I plan for my sewing time! When I write it down, I usually will make it happen. I have been using this paper planner for a couple of years now and I love it. As a full scheduled mum, this one is a must for me. There is also a planner specifically made for quilters right here –> There have lots of layout choices too which means you can also pick ones that you can doodle/ plan a quilt more than those daily to-dos boxes. Check out Quilter’s Planner today. patchwork quilt block pouch Here was last year’s planner , but this year’s is even more amazing and improved.

9. Online Groceries

Save up more time by not going out for groceries. I love groceries though they can use up so much of my time and energy. Therefore, I appreciate online grocery shopping.


10. Cricut Maker or other cool gadgets in the sewing room

Although it is so much fun to watch this machine cut, I can easily be at my sewing machine sewing away while it does the rest of the cutting. I find that it really saves so much time. Other than that, I also love cool gadgets that really just make it a lot more fun to sew and get me excited to be in the sewing room.

Supplies are available below: Steam a steam Cricut Maker Fabrics 

Now it’s your turn, let me know of any items that have helped you gain more time or get you inspired to sew and quilt more. Tell me in the comments below!

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