Another update on my slow work in progress, the Grandmother’s flower garden. 

Every time I pick up this project, I would span it out and adore it. Please don’t mind me as I admire the progress of this project. Not that my stitches are perfect, but just admiring how the flowers are blooming one over another, hexagon by hexagons. Little stitches at a time. 

I am also seeing some flaws here and there, seeing my work progress over the years. Yes YEARS. this has been a 6 year project in progress. 

My first post of this project was back here in this post where I share the free printable quotes. The post dated back in 2017. Well, I will try and make it a less than 10-year project, but we’ll see. I love working on the project, it is just that I am always torn with tons of things to do while watching TV, like laundries and other hand projects like cross-stitching. But we’ll see and I’ll try to work on it a little more in the last quarter of this year and maybe at least I’ll get all the diamonds and flowers done before moving onto the 530 hexagons for the background.

If you have been wanting to learn how to free-motion quilt with a regular home sewing machine, these tips may be helpful for you!

In this post + video, I’ll take you through the process of quilting a baby quilt with a home sewing machine. 

Oftentimes for beginner quilters, the quilting part can be daunting and a little confusing. 

How do you quilt a baby quilt?

You can always do it yourself on your home machine. But you can also opt to send it to professional quilters too. Whichever will work. But baby quilts are often small projects that quilters are willing to do the quilting themselves with the regular sewing machine.

baby quilt Animal house free motion quilting fun quilting!

What do you quilt a baby quilt with?

You can quilt with your home sewing machine. You can quilt using what you already own to make the quilt top. Your home sewing machine.
Any regular sewing machine can be used to quilt the three-layer sandwich of the quilt top, batting, and backing fabric. You can quilt straight lines using a walking foot or free motion quilt with an allover quilting design.
I love free motion quilting all over design and free motion quilting is easier on smaller-sized quilts like a baby quilt. 
If you are planning to quilt a large quilt using your home sewing machine, you should definitely try to quilt a baby-size quilt first beforehand. 
It will teach you a lot and you’ll be more experienced to tackle larger quilts with your home sewing machine after quilting a baby quilt with your sewing machine.

Free Motion Quilting a Baby Quilt with a regular sewing machine

In this particular post, I have a video where I’ll be sharing the process and taking you through the process of quilting a baby quilt with an easy all-over free motion quilting on a regular sewing machine. 

I am not using a long arm machine, and you won’t need a long-arm machine to finish a baby quilt. You can absolutely do it on your home machine with ease with the right tools and techniques. 

Previously, I have shared some of these tips on my blog (which you can find in the following top posts):

but for visual learners, a video might be much more helpful for you. So hopefully, this video will benefit you, and encourage you to start quilting your own quilt with your sewing machine!

If you are a beginner free motion quilter or haven’t yet got the hang of free-motion quilting, I would like to invite you to join my FREE E-course on FREE MOTION QUILTING FOR BEGINNER HERE >> free motion quilting tutorial

heart quilt block free patternFree Pattern Patchwork Heart Quilt and Mini Quilt

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You can get the pattern for this beautiful patchwork heart called the Stitches from The Heart HERE>

It was a quick project and a fun one for sure!

I am always attracted to making patchwork hearts. My quilt patterns have been based on hearts ! You can check out my patterns linked at the end of this post for more hearty inspirations 😉

The heart shape has always been my favourite shape. I love the little curve elements of the heart shape and something about what it represents as well, I guess. 

For this pattern, I am using:

And just for the fun of it, I recorded a fun video from start to finish. If you like this kind of video, make sure you subscribe to my channel. I appreciate your support so much.

The mini quilt comes together pretty quickly. But the pattern also come with an instruction for a larger quilt size which can easily be a lap quilt or a baby quilt. 

Make sure you check the pattern out! It’s free by FQshop HERE> Stitches from The Heart HERE>

Stitches from the Heart Mini Quilt Making Process


Let me know what you think? Have you ever used the Triangle Roll Paper before?

Anyway, if you are a heart shape lover too, and want to make more heart quilts and pillows, check out my patterns:

I Heart Quilt Pattern & Scrappy Heart Pillow

Both of these patterns are based on a heart block. 

Till next time, have fun quilting!



It has been a while since I last updated my work in progress. But I am doing it today. Not much has been progressing in my sewing room due to the little one and a lot that is going on around at home.

School and work from home seem to be taking over everything these days. 

Anyway, I told you in my previous post that I decided to join in the Sewcialites Sew-Along. Well, I am happy to say that I am still on that bandwagon and keeping up!

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A little more update on the progress of my blue and white Patchwork Barn quilt.

I have posted the previous progress HERE>  and HERE>

From the last post, I have made 12 more blocks and I am happy to say that I only have 9 more blocks to go to complete 72 blocks required for the quilt. 

There are affiliate links within this post in which I may earn a small commission from the links. 

O well, what have I got into?

Yes, I have started another project. Just could not resist the sew along. I love sew along for the community and seeing other people’s version of the same quilt. I love that we can share thoughts about the quilt as we go along working on it together.

Besides, I love a sampler quilt. Can’t you tell yet?

Previous sampler quilts on the blog:

Sewcialites Quilt Along Block 1

There are affiliate links within this post in which I may earn a small commission from the links. 

This is the start of the Sewcialites Quilt.

If you want to join in, you can find the info and suggested fabrics HERE>

For the fabric requirement & coloring page : click HERE>

The quilt along begins 25th September 2020 and ends 25th June 2021! I love a good quilt along. 

A quick quilt top finish is always a great project in between other quilts and when you are lost searching for that quilting mojo.

I haven’t been active here on the blog or on my other platform due to my low energy (I am pregnant with my 3rd Baby) and other focuses that seem to be taking over these days.

Things are a little better with my health, but my quilting mojo is still yet to be recovered. I am in nesting mode and have been spending my spare time decluttering everywhere around my home. Well, that is where I have been spending my time these last few days.

In this post, I am sharing with you a quick finish of my son’s truck quilt. He is already four years old and I haven’t made him any quilt before. So, I think it is about time (LOL, it could have been earlier)

Simple quick quilt _ kids quilt truck quilt

I bought the set of fat quarters set of the retro Tonka Truck from HERE.

I love the primary colors and my son seems to like the trucks too. He is in that phase of loving trucks.


Sew and Cut Technique – link to FREE pattern

A simple pattern was perfect for this quilt as I wanted to keep the fabric shine and be the star rather than the pattern.

Thankfully, this free quilt pattern came to the rescue.

The initial fabric cutting was of large pieces making it so much faster to get prepped.  

The quilt top was made by piecing large pieces together and cutting them, which lessens the time and hassle. 

Simple quick quilt _ kids quilt-4

Overall the quilt was a fun way to give me that little boost and sense of satisfaction. I am going to be basting the quilt soon together with my other quilt top. 

Then comes the fun part – free motion quilting them! For now, I think that one of the simple free motion quilting design would be perfect for this quilt. 

Well, till then – I’ll update here again. 

Do you want to quilt free-hand design on your home machine? Wonder what tools you need to do free motion quilting? You’re in the right place! In this post, I will share with you the 5 MUST-HAVE essentials tools for free motion quilting.
I love to free-motion quilt, and I have been loving teaching others to free-motion quilt too! 
I would say these items have helped me so much and I would not be free motion quilting without them these days!
Free motion quilting regular machine

What do you need to do free motion quilting on a home sewing machine?

First on the list of tools to free motion quilt on your home machine is of course,

the right free-motion quilting foot.