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We are already on our fourth block with this QAL. The fourth block of this QAL is the leaf block.

You can find how to piece this block here.

In this post, I will be sharing with you I quilted mine.

I had envisioned feathers wrapping inside the leaf so I went ahead and go with it.
Free motion Quilting_Quilt as You go_About a Quilt Sampler QAL Block4

Free motion Quilting_Quilt as You go_About a Quilt Sampler QAL Block4_back

You can practice doodling the quilting with this practice sheet as I did here. If you are still not confident with feathers, you can trace the vines instead as I did in the second block below.

Free motion Quilting_Maple Leaves

I filled the background with swirls and pebbles. Of course you can fill it with whatever filler you wish to do. You can get tons of inspiration and tutorial by Leah Day here.

If you want to practice feathers, I find Carla Barret’s practice sheet very useful. Get use to doodling it with paper on pen first and you will get there. Mine still need practice, but I am pretty happy so far.

Here is how I do my feathers:

Feather Quilting

And here is how I do Swirls and Pebbles.

Swirl and Pebble Quilting as fillers

Well, I hope to see some block made and posted to flickr group!

Till then,

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