Another quilt-as-you-go finished. It’s the same quilt pattern with the version 1 I posted in 2019. But with totally a different look. 

Here is the first version which I blogged about HERE>:

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This one was put off for much longer than the first one. Quilt blocks were all readily quilted at the same time with the first version, but it was so hard to pick the right sashing. 

This version is made from my scraps including the frames of the blocks. Hence the wide range of greys.

And because it was so scrappy, it was hard to pick a fabric for the sashing.

I was also resistant to buying any new fabrics to complete it. But I didn’t have much stash of large yardage. Either I was going for scrappy sashing too or I will eventually need to buy enough yardage for it. 

Hence the progress was stalled. For quite a while. I finally decided to buy enough yardage for the sashing. But it was difficult to choose which kind of fabrics to get. 

Picking the right fabric for the sashing

I finally made the purchase late last year (2020), and picked the fabric that has most of the colours from the blocks. It is also one of Art Gallery Fabrics, and since the blocks were made from all Art Gallery Fabrics, the colours were a good match. 

The fabric is from the same designer I have from my stash – Katarina Roccella which is why most of the colours were similar. 

Here is the link to the fabric if you are interested to get some too. 

I love the fact that the fabric is stripy. Similar to the first version, I think stripy fabrics are great choices for sashing, borders or binding. 

Now, at this stage, I do feel like it is a little busy. 

Quilt as you go blocks

But I think it will be fine with the thin sashing made using the same method I use for joining together quilt as you go blocks. Click here for the tutorial for piecing quilt as you go blocks with tiny sashing.

Otherwise, it will surely be a great experiment right?

I am definitely just going with it this time. Wish me luck!!! I’ll update again soon.

You can find the archive for each of the block quilting HERE>. Each of the blocks were custom quilted with feather design quilting.


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Here is one of my favourite block.


  1. I enjoy getting your emails. They are uplifting. Thank you, Amira. I also have a Janome.

  2. Ellen H Mills Reply

    I am in love with your fabric choice. It is a happy, vibrant quilt with those beautiful stripes setting off your pretty blocks. Thanks for sharing this . I think I want to do a quilt as you go quilt now.

  3. Rose Zapel Reply

    When I saw that colorful sashing fabric, it gave much such good ideas. I immediately bought 3 yards of it. I had never seen it before and I am planning to use it as sashing in the Moda Think Pink quilt that I have not yet finished. I always get great ideas from you! Thanks.

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