Autumnal Leaves Quilt Block Tutorial

I shared my Autumnal Leaves Quilt last week, and many of you inquired about the block size and template. So, here I am with a brief tutorial on creating an autumn leaf quilt block.

As mentioned earlier, this project was an enjoyable challenge I undertook to improve my sewing skills, particularly in handling curves. I’m using sponsored fabric from the Missouri Star Quilt Company for this project. Throughout October, they are generously offering my readers a 15% off order using this link. So, if you find something you like, be sure to use this link to instantly receive a 15% discount in your cart. Valid once per month only per customer.

Ther are affiliate tlinks within this post where I may make a small commission. Find the full disclosure here.

If you’re wondering which quilt I’m referring to, it’s the falling leaves quilt I designed in Electric Quilt 8.  While I haven’t developed a pattern for it yet, today, I’m presenting a simple tutorial for each leaf unit. Essentially, you can plan out how to create a random arrangement of leaves for a quilt from there.

Free Curve Template for Autumn Leaf Quilt Block

You can obtain the free template from my most recent newsletter or fill out the form to get your hands on it.


I recommend tracing the template onto a rigid plastic sheet like this one >here and carefully cutting the units with a small rotary cutter. Take your time to avoid mistakes. Alternatively, you can trace the units and use scissors for cutting them.

For one leaf quilt block, you’ll need to cut two L-shaped units from the background fabric and two pie-shaped units from different warm-colored fabrics for the leaves. I’ve also created optional L’ units if you prefer to trim them to size after sewing the L unit to the pie unit. I like this option as it allows for a more accurate finished size and makes it easier to handle the corners of the unit as I assemble each.

The photo below displays two drunkard’s path units I created using the exact-sized L unit (on the left) and the L’ unit. I used a 4″ drunkard’s path acrylic template to make a 3″ finished unit. This resulted in a fair amount of fabric wastage, which was my mistake. If you use the template, there won’t be as much waste.

Since I use my acrylic template, there’s quite a big piece I needed to trim out in order for the blocks to form a leaf shape when 2 units are pieced together. If you cut from my free pdf template, you should be able to minimize this trim to about 1/4″ width of waste.

Video Tutorial for Making the Autumn Leaves Quilt Block

If the video did not pop out here, you can watch the video HERE>

Tools I used in the video:

Tips for piecing curve patchwork units

  1. Pin with Care: Pinning is crucial when working with curves. Place pins along the curved seam, making sure the pins are perpendicular to the edge and evenly spaced. This helps keep the fabric in place while sewing.
  2. Sew Slowly: Slow and steady wins the race when piecing curves. Use a slower stitching speed on your sewing machine and take your time guiding the fabric. This allows for more control and accuracy.
  3. Shorten Stitch Length: Use a slightly shorter stitch length than you would for straight seams. A shorter stitch length helps maintain the shape of the curve and prevents excessive puckering.
  4. Practice on Scrap Fabric: Before working on your actual project, practice on scrap fabric to get a feel for sewing curves. This will help build your confidence and improve your skills.
  5. Clipping and Trimming: After sewing, trim any excess fabric from the seam allowance. Additionally, make small clips along the curve (careful not to cut into the seam) to release tension and help the curve lay flat when turned right side out. I did not do this, but it will easily make your blocks lay flatterl
  6. Pressing and Steam: Press the seam allowance open or to one side, depending on your pattern. Use steam to help the fabric relax and conform to the curve. Be cautious not to stretch the fabric while pressing.


The Autumn Leaves Quilt block is a delightful sewing project that allows you to hone your skills in working with curves. With the provided template and some careful cutting and stitching, you can produce a beautiful quilt block inspired by the colors of autumn. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 15% discount from the Missouri Star Quilt Company to get your fabric. 

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  1. Stunning! Gorgeous colors, definitely on my someday list. As a newer quilter I’m not quite ready to tackle curves.

  2. I did the Scrap Success workshop earlier, watching again today, and now looking for the Scrap Success 23 e booklet you mentioned. I can not find it. Please could you email the link to me?? Thanks. Jan Turner, stormatsea45@yahoo.com

  3. I did the Scrap Success workshop earlier, watching again today, and now looking for the Scrap Success 23 e booklet you mentioned. I can not find it. Please could you email the link to me?? Thanks. Jan Turner,

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