I have caught the Cross Stitch Bug. After watching many flosstubes, I am drawn to start this craft again. 

As most crafters, I am drawn to many different crafts. I have cross-stitched before in my teenage years but now with the community of flosstube online, I feel like I’m connected again with the craft.

There is just so much joy in sharing the craft we love. It’s like crafting together yet being so far apart. 

If you don’t know the world of flosstube yet, here’s a brief intro and some flosstubers I love.

What is Flosstube

Youtube videos made by cross-stitchers all over the world sharing their projects, haul and cross-stitch finish. Some of them also share quilting projects.

My favorite Flosstubers:

Since watching them, I have been inspired to restart my cross-stitch journey. There’s something about sitting down watching TV or watching the kids and putting little cross stitches on the fabric. 

So today in this post, I thought I’ll share with you a couple of my current cross-stitching projects. I have none finished yet, but as with quilting, I do enjoy working on several projects at one time to keep me excited. 

Home Sweet Home

First off is home sweet home, a pattern by It’s Sew Emma. I just love stitching house blocks and I thought this pattern is so cute. 

I am using the call-for DMCs and DMC white 14-count. 

I did mistakes here and there, but if I feel like I don’t want to frog it, I simply adjust it accordingly. This one was super fun to stitch. Can;t wait to finish this and decorate with it.


This one was a part of a stitch-along I started a while back together with the Kaleidoscope Bed Runner I made earlier. 

The pattern is included in the Kaleidoscope book.

I love the symmetrical pattern but I haven’t been able to pick it up as much as I feel like to. I think I prefer working with paper patterns rather than a pattern from a book.

For  am using DMC of my own colours. I picked similar colours to the quilt I made. 


Cross-Stitch Camp 2022

This one was an ad-hoc start. I love quilt-a-longs and stitch-a-long, and the idea of being in a camp with all the other stitchers seems like a great idea!

Besides, this camper is way too cute not to stitch up. 

This is a free pattern by the Colorado Cross Stitcher. 

You can check out the hashtag #crossstitchcamp2022 to check out what are others are currently stitching. 


For the month of June, I am going to be starting the Stitchy Stars as a Holiday Stitching Project and another one kitted up is Bloom Where You’re Planted.

Isn’t the quilty blocks cute? It is perfect to go with my new patriotic quilt too. I am thinking of adding in some yellows too in this cross-stitch piece. 

O so many good projects that I want to try. I really have to pace myself.

I may be slow at stitching, but I know that little by little, projects will soon meet the finish line. So I’ll work through these at my own pace, simply enjoying the stitches and enjoying the slow moments. 

Are you into cross-stitching too?


  1. Kathleen OConnell Reply

    I too have returned to counted cross stitch after many years away…..oh, how it has changed and so many Flosstubers to watch..I usually find myself quilting during the day and working on my cross stitch in the evenings, or while supper is cooking. Two of my favorite Flosstubes are:

    Country Stitchers
    Curly Girl Crafter

    You are so right, it is a wonderful community and very inclusive….everyone works on what brings them joy; do what you love and love what you do. Same motto can be applied to our quilting, don’t you think (and almost any craft out there). Thank you for sharing your fav Flosstubers with us.

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