Measure Twice, Cut Once and label them all!
When dealing with patchwork of many pieces, labelling is key to keeping organised.

I am cutting into the Spangled Quilt and it has so many units! I am planning to do some shortcuts, so I read over the pattern and made some notes on some go the changes. The plan is to make all the flying geese using the four-at-a-time method. As for the log cabin, I followed the cutting instruction as I wanted it as scrappy as it should be. Since there were so many units for this quilt, labelling them is game-changing!

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The key is to label right away. As soon as you’ve cut a piece, slap a label on it. Trust me; it’s so easy to forget what’s what if you don’t. You can use fabric-safe marking tools or even a piece of masking tape with your label on it – whatever floats your quilting boat.

I have been using a set of rectangular serving tray to keep everything in place and easier to move it to my cutting table and aside to store it when I’m working on other things. You can find similar tray HERE>I have seen some quilters even use the baking tray trolley! Such a great idea for a big production line but my sewing room is pretty small to have such trolley, so the serving trays works just fine. 

Free Printable Alphabet Labels

Since I actually went into designing a new set of alphabets label for this project, I thought I’d share them with you too! You can click the following to download the labels : Alphabet labels for Patchwork UnitsI printed it off on an A4 sticker paper and stick it onto a card stock to make it more durable. Then, I just cut them into squares ready to use! I love it! Cute and functional. I am using these clips to clip the labels and the patchwork units together. 

I hope you’ll find these labels useful too!


Quilt Pattern: Spangled Quilt, Fabrics are from various collections, pulled from my stash. 


  1. Ruth Skinner Reply

    You amaze me with all you get accomplished, and having a family to attend to. You inspire me in every letter. Always look forward to see what your next project is keeping you busy. Thank you so much for sharing your quilting experiences.

  2. Mary DeLude Reply

    This looks interesting, but could you show how they are used when assembling a quilt block. I don’t understand how to use them. Thank you, Mary

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