If you are not yet on board with this english paper piecing, quilting-on-the-go thing, I think this is a great time to start. When I think of English Paper Piecing Patterns, I can see the grandmother flower being one of the popular one. But…

Have you seen some of the most amazing English paper piecing patterns (EPP) popping around lately? Yes, they are hot in trend. And I am talking about those non-Hexies EPP.

English paper piecing does take a lot of patience, but with amazing potential of using various shapes turning them into beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns, it is well worth the time.

I am a fan of English Paper Piecing myself. I started by making the standard grandmother hexagon flowers, and a penrose tile once too.

Penrose Tile _ To be applique

More of this Penrose tile project here back in 2012

If you want to start English Paper Piecing today, go ahead and print out some make-it-yourself EPP templates from TLMC resource library available for FREE! If you are not yet in the tribe to access the library, join here.

For now, let me bring you some of the latest pattern and the trendsetting/ters in this EPP industry…

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English Paper Piecing pattern: La Passacaglia Quilt

Have you heard about this one? Am sure you have – this was the quilt that got many people on board with EPP a few years back.

While this english paper piecing technique has been long used and it is very traditional,I believe that it is not that much in trend until social influencers (quilt instagrammers and bloggers) start posting these gorgeous cogs of La Passacaglia

With a mix of cute and fun fussy cut, these mandala-styled cogs are getting the attention they deserve.

english paper piecing patterns

Photo credited to Jenn, Karen, Mister Domestic, Liz, Alexouq, Tula Pink, Kate


As much as I would love to, I have never tried to make La Passacaglia Quilt. I didn’t really quite like the whole idea of putting the cogs together. However, it is a “maybe some day project” for me.

I like each individual cogs, but putting them together seems a little too much for me. Somehow I feel like each cog lost their sparkles when they are joined altogether.

Nonetheless, they do look like a whole wow of a quilt – like fireworks in the sky when they are joined together.

Hence I still enjoy the makings and the finishes of other people’s La Passacaglia Quilt.


La Passacaglia Quilts: Inspiration and Resources

Get La Passacaglia kit here.

If you are looking for inspiration for the La Passacaglia Quilt and thinking of making one, here are some of the links I have enjoyed.

The book is not available anymore through Amazon, (there is one available at a ridiculous price ), but I found an ebay store that still have some available if you want to get your hands on it.

Karen from DIY addict has a “get start” tutorial on how to make the La Passacaglia Quilt, and she has kits available which include the paper pieces and the templates for the quilt.

Lillabelle Lane did wonders with Tula Pink’s fabric – Her Passacaglia Quilt was one of my favourite, mainly because I love her work and Tula Pink’s fabric. So a combo of that is this Ah-Mazing Quilt!

Photo is taken from Lilabelle Lane Instagram. Hop over Lilabelle Lane’s Blog – where she shares her La Passacaglia progress.

Get La Passacaglia kit here and join the others!


Well, I would say that the La Passacaglia Quilt did kind of set the trend for awesome english paper piecing pattern that recently just popped up.

I think it did kind of spark the creativity in exploring the possibilities of English Paper Piecing.

Hence, you would likely to see a lot more people trying this traditional technique in modern patterns and fabrics.


More Recent Popular English Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns

Here are some that are hot in trend and are blasting off over on Instagram. If you would like to start one, check these out and sew-along with the others!

Giucy Giuce Moon Stone – #moonstonequilt

Here is one of the most recent one, and if you are on instagram lately, you should have seen this. It is just amazing. I love the idea of having the pattern in different layout. If you are interested in making one, the kit is available through DIY addict.

english paper piecing patterns

Photo taken from #moonstonequilt by Lydia, Giucy Guice


Karen DIY addict Mischief Quilt – #mischiefquilt

As I mentioned earlier, Karen has made a La Passacaglia quilt and share tutorial on how to start one but she also has a bussiness around the world of EPP. She has various EPP kit and patterns available in her shop and one of the popular one is the Mischief Quilt which is super-awesome for fussy cutting. You can get the kit here.

Here are some snippet from the  hashtag #mischiefquilt on instagram. Some amazing work on the block.

Photo taken randomly from hashtag #mischiefquilt. Photo by Cnythia @woncynti, @quiltlady63 @thatmoderncrafter, Sandi@Craftyplanner


Tales of Quilt – Ice Cream Soda Quilt – #icecreamsodaquilt

This one is among the popular one. Jodi of Tales of Quilt offered it as a monthly subscription at first and it is just inspiring to see each block made by all makers. Tutorial for this Ice Cream Soda block is available here. Although the subsription is no longer available, Jodi have various ready-cut EPP templates to make all kinds of pattern including the Ice Cream Soda Quilt.

Photo taken from the #icecreamsodaquilts by Jess@elvengardenquilts, Jo@jogreeny, Nicole@nicole.loves.color, Andrea

Jodi is a great inspiration to english paper piecing in this modern english paper piecing quilting world. Most of her recent quilt are english paper pieced, check her Instagram or you can find her quilt work here.

(Note – I am going to be joining her Shape Family design Challenge, come and join too, am sure it is going to be trendsetting too!)

Lillabelle Lane – Celestial Star & Tenderness – #celestialstarquilt and #tendernessquilt

Sharon is no stranger in this world of modern English Paper Piecing. While her work is always amazing regardless EPP or not, her EPP works always caught my attention. I have mentioned her La Passacaglia Quilt earlier but these two quilt patterns are another amazing EPP quilts that she herself has designed.

One is the tenderness quilt – a beautiful bloom, each one made using a non-traditional EPP template. You can find the kit here.

Photo is taken from LilabelleLane’s blog where Sharon shares the story behind the quilt. See more beautiful blooms here.


Another one is the Celestial Star which made the cover of Sharon’s latest book,‘Quilting on the Go, English Paper Piecing’. This quilt is outstanding, and I can’t wait to see more of the quilt in different version. There are so many great English Paper Piecing Patterns in this book!

English Paper Piecing PAtterns


This one is in progress made by Ava and Eve

The kit for making the Celestial Star Quilt is available here.

Sharon has a book tour going now till 15th August and wait till you see more of this Celestial Quilt Block popping!

Book Tour

Sue Daley Designs – Quatro Colours – #quatrocolourquilt

Again Sharon of Lillabellelane has made this beautiful quilt designed by Sue Daley. I have learned lots of technique from Sue, and she is one of the popular influencer in EPP. Her technique available in her book, New English Paper Piecing, A faster Approach to a traditional favourite and her Sewline ‘gluestick‘ is widely used these days for EPP.

One of the latest trendy EPP quilt pattern is the Quatro Colour Quilt. I simply love how the variation of the background pieces made the quilt looks like it has a border.

You can get the kit to make Quatro Colours here. Watch a video tutorial here for this quatro colours quilt.


Tula Pink – Tula Nova Quilt – #tulanovaquilt

I am always in awe of the amazing works by Tula Pink. Not only that she design fabrics, she makes all of her show quilts herself! Including those english paper-pieced ones. Her recent line, the spirit animal came out with this Tula Nova Quilt and it is english paper pieced.

The kit and the pattern is available here.

Tula Pink’s fabric line are among the favourite for EPP-addict to fussy cut as they are novelty, not to mention superbly designed!

If you are a Tula Fan, make sure you watch this video to see her in her amazing studio.

I love that there are more and more amazing English Paper Patterns out there these days. The hand stitching project is definitely making a comeback!

NEW to English Paper Piecing?

check out these post to help you get started:

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and let me know what EPP project are you working on or looking forward to?




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