Did you know that I have an archive of free motion quilting designs ideas on the blog already?

Well, it was from my Sewcial Bee Sampler quilt where I made the quilt intentionally with the quilt as you go method to practice all the different motifs.

In this post, I’ll gather those all up and put them in one place so that it’ll be easy for you to refer to and hopefully get inspiration from.

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Free Motion Quilting Design Ideas

You can click on the title or the image of these designs and it will bring you to the post where I share the “how-to” to make these designs. I hope you’ll enjoy it! 

Loopy loops

Among my favourite free motion quilting design is the loopy loop. I never get sick of this simple free motion quilting design. You can easily finish a quilt with this design. Loopy Loops free motion quilting motif is definitely one you must master to quickly finish a quilt!

Free Motion Quilting Pattern Design | Terrace Echoes | Sewcial Bee Sampler | Sampler Quilt |Quilt As you Go technique tutorial

Terrace Echoes


Echoed SS

Scale this design and it makes a perfect allover design for a quilt. It will be a gorgeous texture!



Loopy 8’s



Heart Loops

Clamshell Strands

City Terraces

Row by Row Loops

Floral Meandering

Mendearing Leaf


Swirl Curls Free motion quilting practice

Swirl Curls

How to quilt free motion quilting square loops - Free template to practice!

Square Loops

Here is another of my favourite, similar to loopy lopp, square loops is also easy to master. This one will suit a more structured quilt. 

Jagged Hooks

Star Strokes

Blooming Flower 

Free motion quilting design meandering leaves

Leafy Strands

If you are new to free motion quilting, check out Free Motion Quilting Bootcamp where I take you from zero to mastering Free Motion Quilting Confidently all the quilts you are going to make!


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