I am so excited to be sharing a new finish. And it happens to be Friday when I post this, so I thought, let’s kick start a Friday Finish Party on this blog.

Quilt Link Up Party Friday Finish

Friday Finish Party!

I think a Friday Finish would be a good way to motivate me to get things to the finish line. Let’s see if I can keep up though. It can be small finishes or even big quilts. If you have a finish that you want to share, please upload your link or photo in this blogpost in the InLinkz section below this post. You have until next Friday to link up for this week. 

If you have any problem uploading, let me know. I’ll try my best to help. 

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Well, here’s my finish this Friday:

Scrappy Quilt from Block Swap 2011

Back in 2011, I joined a block swap event where I actually requested the postage stamp block and the stripy HST. 

I ended up with a mix-matched pieces and although I love each one dearly, it was really hard for me to put them together. 

The blocks ended up in the Orphan block pile for quite some time because I really don’t know how to put them together.  

Scrappy Quilt Swap

I do love them though. They remind me of how fun it is being connected with other quilters around the world, and even though I may never get to meet the makers of these blocks, I have a piece of their work with me, and for that, I cherish it.

Just look at how fun are some of those postage stamp with some fussy cut pieces!

Decluttering sparked ideas

It was not until a few years back, that I decided to just piece it all together. I was doing some decluttering and have found love again with these blocks. This is why decluttering is so good. You can read more about I declutter HERE>.

Now, this was in 2018 when I decluttered. And I did make some progress on the quilt after the decluttering session. I talked about this project in this post: UFOs and WIPs of Quilts and Sewing Projects 2018 , so it was great to keep track of this little quilt had progressed. I decided on the above layout and added in a few more blocks of my own scraps. 

Then I made kept it as a quilt top for some time again not knowing whether I should make it bigger or keep it as is.

In 2021, I decided it was going to be as is. I made the backing and thought I would come to quilting it but I never did. 

Until this week!

Thankfully I had basted with the right basting pin – otherwise, I would have ended up with some rusting. These basting pins have never failed me, but I still would not recommend basting with a pin if you know you are going to take years before you quilt it. 

Machine Quilting Scrappy Quilt

I decided to go with a simple meandering motif, also known as the stippling. 

Not only that it will be faster to quilt, I think it suits the quilt design since it was already a busy quilt. 

I am quilting this with my trusted workhorse, Janome Horizon Memory Craft QCP8200.


As I normally do all of my free motion quilting, I quilted this in quarters. Since it wasn’t a large quilt, I finished mine in 4 sittings. Each sitting was about 20-30 minutes. 

It is very important to have lots of breaks when you are quilting with a domestic machine.

The blocks were slightly different sizes due to the different way we make blocks, and I embrace the imperfection. It is slightly wavy, but I’m sure it will be all right after a wash. It always does. 

Scrappy Quilt Postage Stamp Mix and match quilt block

Even though I used a dark blue thread to match the backing fabric, I am glad it did not take away from the overall look of the centre diamond with lots of light background.

But any mistakes would be so obvious against the light background. That is why I do not prefer to do so in the first place too. But if I had use a lighter colour, it would have been so obvious on the backing. 

I have tried with a constrasting top and bottom thread but it is also hard, as tension of the thread has to be perfect at all time, otherwise you can obviously see any uneven tension. 

If the quilt is totally scrappy, the stippling would not even shown up as much and it is the perfect way to quilt a scrappy quilt. 

Hot Pink Binding

I love the pop of yellows on the quilt top, but I decided to go with the hot pink as it matches the back of the quilt too. Yellow would be screaming too much from the back. 

This quilt would be a great one to just lay around the living room area. It would bring so much color and character and yet blends in among all the other chaos of life.

This one is in my mom’s living room. I was at her house I photographed this to celebrate Ramadhan together. 

Here is one held up by first son outside. It was a morning sun but wasn’t as even out. But I to have a hanging photo of the quilt…

Well, I guess that is my finish this Friday. 

How about you? Share your Friday Finish too!

If you have a finish that you want to share even if it is just ONE photo, please upload your link or photo/s in the InLinkz section below. You have until next Friday to link up for this week. 

Quilt Link Up Party Friday Finish

Friday Finish Link-up Party

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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  1. Cynthia Gottlieb Reply

    I love it! beautiful and beautiful quilting. I”m still not brave enough to do my own FMQ yet on a quilt only on small totes or zippy bags and that is mostly straight line. For me, my stitches are not even as the project gets either hung up on something (I have a small table space) or for some reason my walking foot gets caught up under. even though I have spray basted the layers. I have “dual feed” on my Bernina but that ends up worse than using the walking foot. I really need a stitch regulator I think? But your quilt is a great idea for me to clean up my quilting space and use up the pretty fabrics I have as scraps.

  2. I love scrappy quilts and this one is charming. Beautiful job.

  3. I couldn’t help but ask, do you have any idea how many squares are in this quilt?? I absolutely love it!! Hope to so my own some day.!!!

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      the postage stamp blocks are made from 64 tiny squares. so, there’s 768 tiny squares there. and I think it might be at least 700 different fabrics!

  4. I love this idea!!! I am in the middle of “My Giant Purge!” I plan to get back to sewing and quilting by Easter (My family is coming to visit! And I want to surprise them when they get here!). After that I will be right there with my Friday Finishes!!!
    I really enjoy your wonderful ideas!!!

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