I am finally done with my second version of “I Heart Quilt”.
I Heart Quilt. pattern to be released soon
I fell in love with the first quilt so much that I was not willing to part with it. I remembered making the quilt with intention to sell the finished quilt but I didn’t sell it in the end. For the record, I haven’t even listed any of my finished quilts for sale. However, I am going to make a new record this year by kicking off with my first listing on Etsy.

cover pic

Since I am not following a pattern, I guess it should be legal to sell it right? That was my concern when I started thinking about selling quilts. I can’t simply sell a quilt I made out of patterns published in magazines and books right? Correct me if I am wrong. Some patterns have written copyrights on them and it’s made clear that we can’t sell quilts made with the pattern. However, how about those in magazines? I guess making quilts to sell is far harder than making it to give.
The plan was to sell it and I didn’t want to break any copyright laws,so I designed “I heart Quilt” and made it up as I go. You can read more about the journey here.
loop quilting allover
With all the hard work done, might as well, I put an extra effort to make a pattern out of it. It will be great to see more of this quilt in different colors and fabrics. So, I made another version for the pattern writing process and the quilt is Layer Cake friendly!
Choosing colours
on the chair
NOTE : I no longer promote Craftsy/Bluprint as I used to due to the way the subscription is currently being carried out. I had the issue of cancelling my subscription when the company changed hand and I find that cancelling through calls is inconvenient. However, I do still stand behind these classes I promote and if you are subscribed, you can surely check these classes I recommend on the platform. If you are looking for another online platform to learn craft such as quilting, do check out CreativeBug. It is much cheaper in subscription (subscribe now 3 months for only $5). Thank you.
Here is the link to the quilt pattern on Craftsy.
If you do make one, feel free to link in my flickr group or on craftsy. If you find mistakes or would like to comment on the pattern, I am open to hear it out. This is my first quilt pattern, so I would really love to hear feedbacks!
Update :  Ever since 2015, I only sell this pattern via payhip
You can click the following link :Buy eBook
This quilt is for sale here and the pattern is for sale on Craftsy or my etsy shop.
Thank you for supporting me and my crafty adventures.
Lots of love,
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  1. It’s a beautiful quilt! I don’t see how, unless you make a pattern so unique that that person can tell that you used theirs and only their pattern, how anyone could stop you from selling a quilt made with a pattern you bought.

    From my perusal of the “net”, there isn’t that much really unique out there. I’ve seen people selling patterns for “Irish chain” quilts and “churn dash” quilts!!!! They aren’t theirs to copyright. The only thing they can claim is theirs are the instructions–not the blocks themselves. Most arrangements aren’t really very unique, so as much as they may claim, “It’s my design”, how do they know? Have they spent their whole lives on the internet so make sure someone else hasn’t designed it before.

    I’ve been amazed at what I’ve seen people saying is theirs.

  2. It’s just lovely. Great design and wonderful colors!
    I have to agree, there’s only so much you can do with blocks, while I design nearly all my own quilts, I’m sure if I looked around long enough I’d find my design wasn’t very original after all.

  3. Beautiful quilt Amira….I don’t see a problem if you bought the pattern; sell your quilt! Just don’t copy the pattern and sell it.. That’s my thoughts. you buy it; it’s yours in my mind.

  4. congrats! i love the scalloped edges. as far as selling quilts from patterns–you have to read what the copyright info says. some pattern designers allow you to sell while others don’t. it’s a little fungible legally but i always try to honor the designer’s wishes either way. i figure it’s good karma.

  5. Amira your quilt is beautiful! Good luck with selling the quilt and I am sure you will sell lots of patterns too.
    I do know that all the really old quilt patterns that have been around for over 100 years are all in the public domain and there is NO copyright issue with those patterns at all. Even using a new technique I have seen others copy that technique and change the name and write books. Copyright laws are confusing. But if someone wants to sue it takes a lot of money to hire a lawyer and even if you win, the lawyer and court fees take most of your money so no one wants to really sue. I think creative people tend to think a lot alike and that’s why there might be thousands of people doing something similar things because that’s the way their minds work.

  6. Looks lovely, especially the edges. I would think that you can sell the quilts made out of magazine patterns as long as you don’t run manufacture to created hundreds, lol.

  7. Lovely quilt and the scalloped edges really adds a lot to the final look. I have designed and written quilt patterns. It is a hard job and even when you think your ideas are original you find that aspects of it are in other folks designs. Quilters gleam ideas from everywhere and everything, our designs come from books, magazines, other quilts, blogs photos etc. Good luck.

  8. That quilt is stunning! Regarding making up things from purchased patterns: some designers will specifically state that it is okay to make up some of their designs for sale, as long as you don’t mass produce them. If it isn’t stated anywhere, ask yourself if the work bears your signature through color and fabric choice, etc.

  9. This is so fancy! I love it! Can’t help you out with the selling though. Maybe you could contact the pattern designer and see what they think?

  10. I’m so proud of you! That is so cool. I’ve never designed a pattern. It’s adorable too. Good luck with etsy. Very nice people shop and sell there.

  11. Amira, Your quilt is awesome. One day I hope I can be as half as good as your FMQ skills! as for selling the quilt, You can sell the final product. Basically, as long as you are not selling commercially/large scale, it’s ok. If you aren’t sure, you could always send a quick email to the magazine/designer to check? Catch up with you on Thursday Crystal x

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