I got another flimsy done! Pretty quick when you can just make 16 blocks to make a big enough quilt. 

I love large blocks. 

This one is especially pretty simple and easy. 

As usual, I am using what I already have in stash, and though the navy dark sashing isn’t the best choice, I think it was the best that I had in the stash. 

I rarely buy yardage and I think the one I have already in stash is thinning down. So I better be stocking up on those. My tip is to buy during big sales and although I don’t buy for a particular projects, they ends up being used anyway as I limit myself to buy when I need a quilt done. 

Among the places I love to check out for yardage sale is HERE> and during those Black Friday SALE!

Having to use what you have in stash is fun.

When I need to complete a quilt with what I already have, it is like a challenge that makes me super creative and think ways of how to use myself stash wisely. I think living far away from a quilt shop has kind of forced me to be so. 

If you’ve never try it before, try with what you already have!

Anyway, back to this quilt: I started this quilt a while back and I posted about it earlier HERE with a tip on how make two quilts in one go. 

While the other quilt is yet to be done, this main quilt is ready for basting!


It was a pleasure to work with such beautiful fabric. I am pretty sure I have mentioned how much I love Art Gallery Fabrics.

They are soft and so beautiful to work with. (if you’ve never tried AGF before check out this bundle at such an incredible price ~ less than $2 a fat quarter)

This specific fabric line is called Mystical Land, designed by Maureen Cracknell. You can look at in details the patterns on these fabrics and get a bundle HERE>

The quilt pattern is from this book  – Simply Retro. I chose the quilt on page 75 called the Sweet Life for this bundle to showcase the beautiful prints.


Sweet Life : Large Quilt Blocks

The large blocks is the perfect block that showcase the fabrics and I could think of many fabric line that would look gorgeous with this pattern. 

Simple piecing and pretty much went quite quick with a couple of sitting. 

I sewed these only in the moments I have in between my busy month ( July-august was super busy as I have 4 wedding dresses that I sewed! – more of that in the newsletter I sent to those who subscribed!)

The almost mindless piecing keeps me calm and centered. The wedding dresses were a little stressful but I also enjoyed that. It was like a short burst of feeling like I was in the project runway. 


When the quilt top was done, I decided to hang it up so I could take a photo of the whole quilt. 

It took quite an effort to do so, climbing up ladders and pinning it up on the curtain rod. 

I have a fun idea of doing an allover quilting for this quilt. A flower power! I love the texture of that design in my previous quilt HERE and I think it’ll do the same with this quilt. 


I’ll post again when that is in progress.

In the meantime, let me know what are you up to??


  1. I like EVERYTHING about this quilt Amira, the color palette, the block design AND the sashing. I think the dark blue works beautifully with the purples, red/pinks and the blue hues and even though I’m more of a “cool colors person”, I like the addition of a few warmer colors to complement the cooler ones.
    What color would you have preferred to use for your sashing? I’m curious.
    If it were mine, I’d border it with either white or your neutral background color. I think that would finish it off perfectly. What are you planning to use? No matter what you choose however, that quilt is a stunner!!
    And speaking of borders, I don’t recall if you’ve ever mentioned whether you finish your borders by hand or machine, I don’t think I’ve been following your blog long enough to know. I’m not fond of hand stitching and mostly do it by machine. Which do you prefer?

    • O Suzanne, I missed to reply your comment earlier, to answer your q’s.. I would hve prefered a lighter colour for the sashing but now that is ‘marinated ‘in the navy, I feel like the navy was a great choice after all. I usually bind by machine but occasionally I do sit and bind with hand (scalloped edges binding needed to be done by hand).. thank you for dropping by often. I do appreciate your comments Suzanne!

    • amira saryati ameruddin Reply

      It does!! Quilter’s eyes.. we see quilts in tiles, rugs among all other things! Thanks for stopping by ♥️

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