If you are new to the term flosstube, here are some details and some of my favourite floss tuber that you may be interested to check out too!

What is Flosstube?

Flosstube is a term used to describe a niche community on YouTube dedicated to cross-stitching and embroidery and some even share about quilting too!

Flosstube creators known as flosstubers share their works in progress (WIPs), finished pieces, tips, and techniques related to cross-stitching and embroidery.

The name flosstube comes from “floss,” which is the term used for the embroidery thread used in cross-stitching.

The community has grown in popularity over the years, with thousands of subscribers and viewers tuning in to watch their favorite creators share their passion for this craft.

Basically, the Flosstube World is a community where cross-stitching friends chat about their current projects, hauls, and other stitching-related topics.

Quilting cross stitch

My Flosstube has a new episode!

Did you know that I started a floss tube too? They are on my YouTube channel, but in these episodes, I keep the chat entered around cross-stitching projects. 

Come and catch up with me and my sister in this latest episode, Episode #4 as we chat all about the cross stitch projects we’re working on on our plans. 


Mentions and links

Some of my favourite flosstubers:

Elizabeth Ann Can Stitch: Her chat is a happy time for me! She never fails to make me laugh and her projects are a lot of fun and I can see making the same projects as hers too. She also quilt!!

A recovered Monogamous Stitcher: Karen is just very organised and she is a prolific cross stitcher! She just has lots to share and I love her projects. She also make quilts and her quilts are showcase standard.

Antique Needleworkers : These two duo are the best! They have looong videos but are a delight to have as I sew and stitch. You have to watch 

Meghan of the Seattle Stitcher: I love the projects Meghan is working on and love her updates on books too!




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  1. Karenbbsnow@gmail.com Reply

    I’ve inherited a huge amount of floss and would love to learn cross stitching. I only need the fabric and a pattern, not floss. Any suggestions for cute somple beginner patterns without the floss..

    I’m already an avid quilter, (karenbbsnow.blogspot.ca) but the portability of cross stitch is tempting.

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