Cute project bags, plastic bags, boxes or baskets?

How do you keep work-in-progress (wips) organized?

I am not sure about you, but I am a multi-project-at-one-time kind of crafter. I love being able to jump from one project to another! It keeps me motivated and excites me. P

But the downside of that, is the amount of things to keep tidy. There’s just so many things that can just be everywhere around the sewing room if things are not well kept together.

Hence, one thing I do is to at least give all of my project a home. When I am not working with them, they have to go back home. All of the related pieces. 

So there are a couple of ways you can keep work in progress at one place, and in this post I’ll share some of my favourite ways.

Pile of Quilt UFO and WIP

Project Box

These scrapbooking plastic box are perfect to store work in progress. They stack really well and you can even put labels on the sides so that you can easily see what you have.

You can find similar box HERE>

Project Baskets

Baskets are also great to keep things in one place. I love folding my fat quarters and place them with the fold facing up so that I can easily pull them. This is perfect for sampler quilts where you’ll cut one block at a time imstead of cutting them all at once. 

You can find similar basket HERE>


Project Bags

Project bags is an easy solution to keeping things together! I love zipper project bags. Definitely my current favourite!

This can be as simple as the zipper mesh bag that you can get in bulk and cheap like this one HERE>. They only cost ~$1 each!

The idea is to keep all the things flat and together. 



This one is very roomy, large enough to fit a whole bundle of fabrics and background. I also love that it can stand on its own as it has a base. The quality of this bag is definitely different than of those listed above. I highly recommend it for large projects that you will work on for a while. 

plus, they’re sew pretty too!

You can check out some of the beautiful choices HERE>


Making Vinyl Front Project Bags

Since I have been into cross-stitching lately, I have been making new bags for my projects. I tried few different sizes and trying different methods of binding. I didn’t use any tutorials, it was something I had learned before so I was just winging it. But I know a good tutorial you can follow through and I’ll link that below. 

The cross stitch pattern: You are the boss of your own quilt

Fabric for the project Bag: Flea Market Cheater Fabric

Needle Minder : Tomato Needle Minder

The cross stitch pattern: A Bee C 

Fabric for the project bag: Honey Bee

This one is my favourite of the 3 I recently made. I love the big size, and I love the binding this way. It is so much easier to just bind it as I would a quilt and it also much neater.

The cross stitch pattern: Let’s Talk Quilting

Fabric for the project Bag: Flea Market Collection


Buy Handmade Project Bags

Now, if you are not interested to make it yourself, there are many to choose from others who love to make and sell them. Check them out below!

Dot Dot Goose Design – lots of vinyl front Bags to choose from!

Little Boat 88 : Another shop full with amazing project bag!

Project Kitting

Ideas and dreaming about future projects is always fun. This process is a joy for me! Just thinking about the possibilities and playing with fabrics is just a part of the fun.

Do you do project kits too or do you buy only when you want to start making?

For more quilting and sewing organization ideas, check out this post HERE>

Now, I have also yet to annouce the winner of August giveaway, so here goes.

Winner of Giveaway!

Here’s the winner of the August Giveaway I had in this post earlier.

Congrats JoAnn!!

Now you have a project bag, and possibly a kit for a future quilt. Have fun. Send me an email if you haven’t received one from me to send me your address so I can post this to you! 


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  1. Good ideas. I continue using a system I started many years ago. It saves
    Space, fits most all the fabric and the blocks can lay flat. And it’s super cheap— as I’m free. (Usually)

    Ready? Large Pizza Boxes (new, of course!)

    I just asked the local pizza restaurant for one, and then another… and I don’t toss them in the recycle bin until they’re in tatters! I use them over and over again!

    • Excellent! the hold (and protect) those larger squares. Thanks for sharing

    • Sheralynn Croonen Reply

      Yes, I use a combination of Pizza boxes, plastic boxes, and small baskets! I would love to try my hand a making a mesh bag though!

  2. Mea Cadwell Reply

    I took some fabric I love (that was too “nice to be used”) and make fabric totes out of them with drawstring tops. I kit my projects and put them inside those totes. That way I get to see the fabric I love, it isn’t just sitting somewhere being unused, and it helps keep my room tidy.

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