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I have been a quilter for about 9 years now. However, it is not until a few years back that I started investing in more rulers. Quilting can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can start quilting with the very basics and work your way as you stash up slowly according to your budget. 

I think in my first 2 years of quilting, I only had ONE ruler. The 6 x 12″ ruler. That one for everything. And it was fine. You can still make quilts with just one ruler to start with.

I have a post before this about the top rulers that one should have – covering the very basic rulers that are required. You can check that out HERE>

However, today I am going to talk about a ruler I recently bought and fell in love with instantly. It is an extra ruler that helps make things a little faster and easier. 

Creative Grid Rulers

Creative Grids has come out with lots of different types of rulers. And one thing I noticed is that the markings are a little different than other rulers. They also have special gripping strips on the back of the ruler.

These two features make it a whole lot better. I love the clear markings making it easier and faster for your eyes to cut. And the gripping strips really do hold onto the fabric and allow the ruler to stay in place while you do the trimming or cutting. 

I am definitely in love with their rulers. 

Smart Cutting Fabric for patchwork The Stripology Ruler, Include how to cut scraps of fabrics in this blogpost

I have talked about the Stripology Ruler before.I  love the big size for easy trimming large pieces of fabrics. You can now opt for the large squared ruler too. The sqaured ruler has the same slots but with more markings. It is a little busier but you can use it in two ways. However, I do feel like squaring is way easier with the smaller sized Squared Ruler I talked about in this post.

You can check out their selection of rulers HERE>

Creative Grids Stripology Squared Ruler Mini

My recent purchase was this Mini Stripology Squared Ruler. It is not so mini as the name suggests, but it is the smaller version. It can cut up to 7″ strips and 6.5″ square units. 

Perfect for making patchwork units.

Just with all Creative Grid Rulers, the markings and the grip on this one is amazing. 

I love the square markings for the 3,4,5,6 inches squares (in black) and the 2.5″,3.5″,4.5″,5,5″ and 6.5″ squares (in white). They make it easy to trim down your blocks fast and accurately knowing exactly where to slot in your rotary cutter. 

How to use the Stripology Squared Ruler

Here is a video showing how I trimmed Half Square Triangle units using the Bias ruler and the Stripology Squared Ruler Mini. 


Links to the things I used in this video:

Overall, I am really happy with this purchase and definitely seeing myself use this on a regular basis. I just love the crispy cut of freshly trimmed units. 

Let me know in the comment if you have any other suggestions of rulers that I should add to my stash!


  1. I love my Stripology rulers! I will never use any other ruler agin!

  2. I am slowly replacing all of my very old rulers with Creative Grids because they really are the best. I also treated myself to the Stripology ruler and it is fantastic! Thanks for the tutorial!

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