Are you always frustrated with failure to get the right exact closure while you join the binding in the round?

Doesn’t it seems to be so hard to estimate?

Well, don’t estimate no longer, I have a binding tip that will solve that very problem.

Here is a tip which I use all the time for joining the binding tape in a round.

Perfect Binding Joint


Perfect binding - Joining in round with less bulk

Photo tutorial Bindng tip

  • I find it easier when I leave about 5″ free binding tape at the beginning and leave a gap of about 10″ unstitched at the end of the round.
  • I place the binding tape so that it overlaps (like the first photo above) and cut the the extra binding tape so that the overlap only measures about 2.5″ — which is equal to the width of the binding in the first place. If you use a 2.25″ then the overlap is 2.25″.
  • Then I place the binding tape perpendicular and right side together merely leaving any excess on both ends. Just make sure it is not twisted.

Photo tutorial Bindng tip 2

  • Trim the triangular excess seams and lay it back flat on the quilt. Finish the binding as you normally would. I personally love machine binding but sometime I do sit and blind stitch my binding.

Photo tutorial Bindng tip 3

This method is definitely my go to and never has failed on me yet. Give it a try!




  1. BlueFigQuilts Reply

    This method is foolproof! I learned how to bind my quilts this way and it is definitely the easiest and neatest way to bind..

    • amira_littlemushroomcap Reply

      Yes that is true! I have tried many and this one is the best – so I am sharing away!

  2. Finishing the binding has given me problems. I follow an old quilt magazine that has you cut an extra 1/2″ and then put right sides together and offset points. This method you show looks much more precise and easier. I’m trying this way the next time. Thank you!

    • amira_littlemushroomcap Reply

      This method is definitely the easiest I found so far, so go ahead and try it!

    • amira_littlemushroomcap Reply

      I love any kind of tips really, and would love to share more in the future even the tiniest one I think might be useful to others…because I love learning new things and sharing them makes it more fun.

  3. Mary Gregory Reply

    Love this method. It seems easier than my binding tool that I’ve been using. Thanks!

  4. amira_littlemushroomcap Reply

    Yes that is true! I have tried many and this one is the best – so I am sharing away!

  5. amira_littlemushroomcap Reply

    I haven’t tried the binding tool, but I am all about less tools and more simplicity.. hope you give it a try!

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