Second finish of the year!

I put this off for so long. Quilt blocks were ready to pieced together a long while already. 

You can find the archive for each of the block quilting HERE> (with tutorials to FMQ design)

And I think some of the reason why I was reluctant to proceed was because the final blocks didn’t excatly turned out the exact 12.5″ after quilting and the tedious process of cutting sashing. 

But I finally did it. 

And this is how I went about it:

Trimming the blocks after quilting:

First, I had to just clarify myself that the truth and a fact that my quilt blocks are not all equal size.. After quilting each blocks, the blocks are likely to be a different size. This is due to the difference in the density of quilting. I always find samper quilts are challenging due to this fact. 

Then I had to tell myself that it is okay that I had to trim all of them to the same size and may need to sacrifice some points. Gladly most of them had borders, which didn’t matter much when trimming them. 

I reminded myself that I should never aim for perfect. 

I should embrace imperfection. It is way better done, learned rather than an unfinished project due to the perfectionist me.

With that I finally took action to just move it on. 

So, here it is today. All done and bound and it feels great. 

I used the same technique used here (tutorial for piecing quilt as you go blocks with tiny sashing).

Pretty happy with the finish.

I think the stripes is perfect for this version of my Sewcial Bee Sampler as it has lots of white background. 

The colourful backing is also something I look forward to when piecing the blocks together. It couldn’t be any better. I love the colourful backing!

I did enjoy quilting all the different textures on this quilt and I love it now that I have 25 different quilting design to refer to as well. It was well worth the trouble and had a lot of practices too with this project,

Now I need to finish my other version of the quilt. That one I intend to do a larger sashing but I doubt that I have enough fabrics for it.. so again another procrastination. We shall see when that one gets done. 

Here is one photo with my dear husband holding up the photo for me

It is so relatable when someone posted their family members holding up their quilts for them, again and again, after each quilt finish. 

Have you tried making a quilt with quilt-as-you-go technique before?


quilt as you go free motion quilting design practice


  1. I love your comments about imperfections.A recent quote I read mentioned something like:embracing imperfection, as that allows action.

    We can come to a full stop on any task if perfection is the goal. 1 minute of brushing your teeth or exercising, or sewing is better than no minutes, in most cases.
    Love your projects.

  2. This is beautiful. I love that the back is solid color blocks. And that stripes are perfect. Really makes the blocks pop.

  3. Debby Patz Reply

    Amira you should google information about coping strips! Another way to deal with different size blocks . Maybe save those points! Of course as always in quilting you can try it Or not…whatever you think. ?

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