Introducing the Scrap Sorting Cart: my new way to sorting my scraps and putting them all in one place. 

Hey there,

Have you ever found yourself knee-deep in a pile of fabric scraps, desperately searching for that perfect square for your next quilt project? Well, fret no more, because I’ve got something that’s about to revolutionize your quilting game – the Scrap Sorting Cart!

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Previously I have my scraps sorted in different size and different assortment everywhere around my sewing room. They are in that drawer near my sewing machine, and in another drawer in my other sewing machine and some were in boxes and now I’ve decided to keep them all in this rolling cart!

I see a lot of potential with rolling drawer cart like this. I bought mine from a local shop, but you can find a good drawer cart similar HERE too. Get it if it’s on sale. 

First thing that comes to my mind, is Rainbow Organization!

Imagine opening a cart with drawers that span the colors of the rainbow. Yes, you read that right! Sorting your fabric scraps by color has never been more satisfying. Need a pop of red for that petal? Just slide open the red drawer and voila! But…I don’t sort my scraps by colours, so 

I sort it by size instead. 

A separate drawers for 2, 3, and 4-inch squares? Check. A special spot for 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5-inch squares? Double-check. And the the rest is how I usually keep my scraps – in strips or little bits. The larger ones goes into another bigger box before they are cut into smaller cuts. You can read more about my scrap organization process here. 

I have one with HST’s pieces that I cut with Accuquilt Go! These are the one I use for my Scrappy Ocean Wave quilt.

Scrappy Quilt Ocean Wave Quilt-8

And then, there’s a special drawer – Tula’s Scraps. Cause I just love Tula Pink’s Fabrics.

Label Love

Make sure to label your drawers! It makes such a big difference in term of organizations. I love to use my Brother P-touch label maker for quick labelling.

My strips and bits drawer is the one that is most filled. I have two drawers full of these. I love making scrappy pouches with the quilt-as-you-go technique using this tutorial I shared earlier HERE. 

In one of the drawer I put background fabric scraps, and some random patchwork units just to fill up the space. 

Another thing I love about the drawer system his that it is on wheel.  

This makes it easy for me to push it round the sewing room from the cutting table to my sewing table. I can easily come into my room to do a few seams as I make some of my scrappy quilts. 

They are always in progress in between many other projects. 

Scrappy Quilt

If you want to check out some of work in progress scrappy quilts, check out these posts:



  1. Deb Oxley-Smith Reply

    Fantastic idea as the scraps are often with specific previous projects and hard to find again when you might need them. Thankyou Amira.

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Thank you Deb for stopping by ! Happy scrapping and quilting!

  2. I like the way you have sorted your scraps, I have just bought myself an Accuquilt after thinking about it for a few years I love it but haven’t got to the stock up on shapes stage yet but I will be following your ideas thank you for sharing

  3. Hey there,

    Your Scrap Sorting Cart idea is a game-changer! No more digging through scattered fabric scraps. I love the rainbow drawer concept for easy color-based selection. Personally, I lean towards sorting by size, but your method seems efficient too. Labeling and mobility are smart touches. Thanks for sharing your organized approach to scrap quilting.

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