I love scrappy.

Especially tiny pieces of scrappy fabrics pieced together.

And my favourite way of using small tiny pieces is using a foundation paper piecing technique.

Now, if you have not heard or tried this method. Or even fear of it. Please don’t. You will be missing out the fun.

It may seems intimidating at first to do paper piecing. I knew I was too, when I first started with paper piecing, but the final look of it really just surpasses my fear. Perfect point, no worries about the seam allowance. So, it was totally worth it.

Now, if you don’t want to start with all the complicated paper piecing, start with a simple log cabin.

And if you want to add in a bit more fun AND a little bit of challenge, try this pattern!

Scrappy Heart Pillow: Pattern HERE

I designed this pattern to play around with variations of the classic log cabin. I know there is a lot of log cabin heart around already, but not the exact “plumpy” shape I wanted.

And I wanted to piece tiny pieces. Just because I had fun before with the pineapple mini quilt.

scrappy Pillow heart foundation paper piecing template

So I went around playing around with the layout, prepping the templates, printing it out and sew sew sew.

I even quilted it with one of the design I shared earlier in this post.

And made this Scrappy Heart into a pattern so that YOU can try it out too.

It was so much fun,

scrappy Pillow heart foundation paper piecing template pattern include video tutorial


I really enjoyed making it. It was a small quick project despite all those tiny piecings. Very satisfying indeed. And made with FULL of LOVE.

In between large projects like the double wedding ring quilt that I am still quilting, having small project finish like this just gives a little boost of motivation and stir up some fun.

At least I have something to share too for the Friday Finish this week — which is always fun.

Make it too!

Well, if you want to make one too,

You can buy the pattern here.

The pattern includes the template, the layout, instructions + a free video link to my tutorial on how to paper piece the log cabin in the pattern – so even if you are a beginner to paper piecing, you get to see how it is done. Hands up if you are a visual learner!

You’ll be surprised too how fast this came together. Quick win!

Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. But most of all, I just want to share the joy of making! And this pattern is surely a lot of fun!

Thanks for visiting!

Scrappy Pillow Heart _ Quilted Pillow, quilt, scrappy quilting

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  1. Hi Amira, I love your pattern and I bought it. I thought the pillow was very pretty. I watched your video, too. I have never paper pieced before. But your instructions were clear. It looks fun and I’m gonna try it.
    I enjoy your blog.

  2. Lisa Marie Reply

    Your pillow is beautiful! I also love scrappy things and use many of my scraps for foundation paper piecing as well. So interesting to look at with all the different fabrics.

  3. Susanne Reinig Reply

    What a lovely pattern und a super cushion.. Bit first thinks first. First Hotspot Bilder is early reads. It is only, that I’m not home för the next ten days, so I’ve got to wait again. What was it the third week? Go in with your lovely Wirk. I’ m truly enjoying it

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