I thought it would be fun to document this, a plan for the things I’ll work on in September. One, it is just fun to record the before and after a quilt and two, it is good accountability. The process of making a quilt is where the fun lies in, and instead of just posting a finished quilt, each steps along the way is worth documenting. 

Fall Quilt : The Fall Hashtag # quilt

September is the start of Fall, and while I live in a country with no seasonal change, my quilting life does. I spend time browsing the social media and getting inspired by all the seasonal change. Hence, I thought it would be great to pick up an old UFO and get it moving to the finish line. This is my sister’s UFO and I picked it up a couple of years ago with the intention of finishing it. However, I was so stuck with what to pick for the sashing. The background fabric she used for the block is a cool white colour which in my eye were not a match but we work with what we have and we move on. 

So, I tried putting the blocks against a solid brick red colour but wasn’t loving it,

Then, I put it against one of the off white solid and thought it was better even though the white did not match the background in the blocks. The blocks still shines through and decided that I am going to with the off-white solid as the sashings. There were 30 blocks, so I’m going to be making 6 rows of 5 blocks and call it done. 


There were some leftover strips, and I may just piece this altogether into a small table runner. 

Now the project lives in the awesome large Gingham project bag! I love how big this bag is and it can fit a lot in. Perfect for this 9″ blocks to lay flat too.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden 

I want to stitch up two more diamonds for the grandmothers flower garden in September. So let’s hope that happens. 

#Stashtember : Spangled Quilt 

Challenging myself to use up the stash I already have by shopping in my stash for the new scrappy quilt, Spangled by Kim Diehl. I was inspired to start this quilt as I mentioned in this flosstube episode. I love the quilt on the cover of this pattern, and as much as I want to get a new bundle of the reproduction fabric, I decided not to and use my stash instead.

So here’s my fabric pull!

I want to cut all the pieces this September to get started. The colours were inspired by the cover quilt, but my fabric were more of the modern colours since those were already in my stash. 

Designer Mystery Quilt

I received my finishing kit for the designer mystery and it is gorgeous! The box itself is beautiful. This is my first year joining the block of the month series and loving it already. I want to at least start this quilt this month. For now, we’ve received 3 blocks and I am going to have catch up. 

Finish Free Motion Quilting Sweet Home Quilt

This is already in the machine and will be the first for me to work on while at the machine. I talked about this recently in this post HERE> if you want to know how I’m quilting it. 

Well, that’s plenty for September’s plan. Let’s hope I will get to them or at least some of them. We can all plan, but God is the planner of all. So let go and let it flow!

Till next time, Happy fall and Happy Quilting!

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  1. Susan Burch Reply

    You have plenty to work on with the month for sure! I look forward to seeing your progress. Happy stitching and blessings to you

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