After my last post about basting, I am ready to get this big quilt on the machine. This is a quilt along I joined a while ago which you can read over on the previous blog here.

how to baste a quilt with pins. Easy way to baste a quilt

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The pattern from the quilt is Sweet Home Quilt by Sharon Holland.I decided to go wild with the bright florals print and I’m glad I did, as I love it so much. Working on this project is so much fun. 

I am ready to free motion quilt, and in my head, the plan is to quilt the low volume with echoing waves and spirals to make it look like air and wind surrounding the houses. I am going to custom quilt the houses with simple repetitive design, maybe a scallop roof and some easy lines on the houses. 

Starting from the centre allows you to work with the most amount of quilt under your machine. I highly recommend a larger throat machine (see recommendations here) as this will surely be a game-changer! I love, love, love my Janome Horizon Memory Craft QCP8200 for that very reason. 

Always bunch all the heavy quilt up on the same level as your machine bed, that way you’ll avoid the gravity weight pulling down your quilt and it’ll be easy and smoother for you to move the quilt.  

Since I always quilt from the centre out, I try to quilt the sashing first from the centre out. We’ll see how this goes, but I am already so excited with how it looks. It is going to be weeks of slow progress on this as I am being mindful to stop every 10-15 minutes of quilting. Lots of stretching and getting up. Sometime focusing on getting the motion can be stressful on your back, shoulder and neck. You can read more about quilting from the centre out HERE>

Free Motion Quilting Tools & notion used:

You can read more about these tools HERE>

I will be working on this quilt for the week ahead but am also going for a holiday break, so this may not be done until a few more weeks. I am in no rush, and just taking it slow in between so many other projects.

Leave me in the comment below, what are your working on this week?



  1. I love that swirly quilting pattern! I’m a beginner but that inspires me!!

  2. Dianne Holcombe Reply

    Love your Little House quilt and the quilting! I need more practice. I am working on a Block of the Month designed by Sherrie Noel. It’s taught several new techniques. I would send a picture, but I don’t see the option.

  3. Brenda Cooper Reply

    Love your wind and swirls. I have a wall hanging of a forest scene that I will try that on. The little houses are so cute.

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  5. That’s a gorgeous quilt!
    I don’t know why exactly, but I simply cannot FMQ with a hopping foot, it drives my eyes crazy. So I took all of my quilting feet (I have several) and bent back the little rod which activates the hop function – and no more problem!

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      I never knew that we can do that! Such a great tip! Yes, the hopping foot can be distracting for sure. I only use them for all over quilting and easy designs.

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