In this post, I am going to share with you a sewing tutorial for simple, super cute, sweet Pencil Pouch with a bow on it!

Perfect gifts for girls. Handmade with love from you and so sweet with endless option of colours of course! Of course, you can always skip the bow, and make it in band instead for the boys!

Sewing tutorial - zippered pencil pouch

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Step by step sewing tutorial for zippered pencil pouch

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Material requirements:

  • Exterior : 2 pieces of 5 x 9″ – I used with for extra sturdy
  • Lining : 2 pieces of 5 x 9″ – printed cotton

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(for all four of the above pieces, cut round /curve both bottom corners as in the photo. (you can use a coin to trace first). Make sure all corners are same.Then cut a slit about 1.5″ at the middle of the curve – this will be darts. See photo for a better idea.

  • Inside batting: 2 pieces: 4.25″ x 9″ – for shape and soft feel of the pencil pouch – I use ,  or you can use for a more sturdier form.
  • Bow : 8 x 3″ piece – for bow + 3.5 x3 batting for shape and 1.5 x 4″ for the middle band
  • Bow strip : 2.25 x 10″ – cotton colour matching with bow
  • zipper ends: 2 pieces of 2.5 x 2″
  • >

Sewing tutorial pencil pouch : include zipper tutorial

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Sewing Instructions

  • Fold the top edge of the exterior pieces about 0.25″ and place the batting in place, matching bottom corners. You can you basting spray or just school glue and iron them so that they stick if you find them fiddly to work with.
  • Sew darts on all 4 piece of the main body except the front exterior. We are going to make the embellishment first. Start by making the strip – fold inside the seams and place onto the exterior piece about 1.5″ from the bottom. Top stitch to place.

Sewing Tutorial on littlemushroomcap.com Bow stripe

  • Handstitch the middle together in a nice even scrunch forming a bow shape.

Sewing Tutorial on littlemushroomcap.com Bow making from fabric

  • Fold a band of fabric so that the seam is inside. Fold one half bigger than the other so that both seams are hidden when folded again. See the first two photos below.
  •  Then wrap around your bow and stitch close to form a ring. Don’t mind the seams – this will later be hidden under the bow.

Sewing Tutorial on littlemushroomcap.comPutting ring on bow

  • Turn and top stitch closing the opening gap and all around.
  • Make the bow by folding the 8 x 3″ piece right sides together in half (horizontally) and placing a batting on either side. Sew the edges and leave a gap for turning.
  • Place the bow in place and hand stitch with a whip stitch in place. Pull the thread nicely to make sure the stitches are not that visible.
  • You can choose to embroider the name for more personalization. I use free motion technique to embroider mine


Sew bow onto pouch

  • Trim the zipper to 8″ total in length. Cover the ends with the 2.5x 2 ” fabric as shown in the photos below.

Sewing Tutorial on littlemushroomcap.com Neat Zipper tutorial

  • Place the zipper edge onto one of the lining edge leaving a 0.5″ space at each right and left sides. Place the folded top edge of the exterior on top of zipper close to its teeth as in photo 1 below.
  • Top stitch using a .
  • Sew the dart for the exterior piece
  • Fold the lining in place and press with an iron

Sewing Tutorial on littlemushroomcap.com zipper side 1

  • Do the same for the other side.
  • Putting right sides together, lining facing lining, exterior facing exterior -sew around the edges and leave an opening gap on the lining side.
  • Trim close to the sewn line around the zipper are -this will reduce bulk when turning making it look neat
  • Turn right side out and press.

Bow Pouch tutorial on littlemushroomcap.com - Final assembly


I hope you enjoy the tutorial! Tag me on my Instagram or add it to my Flickr pool if you make any.

Here are some more I’ve made. It was such a fun little project!

Pencil Pouches! tutorial on my blog
Pouches - Tutorial on My blog!

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Sewing tutorial easy for beginner-quick and easy to sew pencil pouch. Learn how put in zipper!-3


  1. Great tutorial, thanks. My little niece would love one of these when she goes to school. They’re very sweet.

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