.Welcome to another “Three of 3 on A Tuesday”. I will have THREE things or links of 3 topics for you to visit/read every Tuesday to either showcase tutorials, inspirations, random daily thoughts or it could be any fabric/notion sales running that particular week. So for today, here are the THREE of 3 things:

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quilting tips and hacks

3 articles to read this week

  1. The beauty of unfinished Project. I love all the points made in this article.
  2. Love all the quilting hacks in this list! I love number Hack No 13.
  3. Loving and Hating a Quilt. I have gone through the same feeling with lots of my quilt. It was nice to hear the same story goes with another quilter. I have major love and hate relationship with the Aviatrix Quilt – I am still pondering on how to quilt it.

3 other quilty things

  1. Bluprint is hosting another quilt-along with Quilt Star Angela Walter. And until 12th October, Bluprint is streaming all classes for FREE.
  2. Get ready for festive sewing with these fabrics. I particularly love this one. SOO cute!
  3. Great reviews on this pressing mat. Wonder if I should get one too.

 3 things I am working on this week

  1. I am at my final stage with the scrappy trip around the world quilt. You can see my update via Instagram.
  2. Prepping a little more of the FMQ course, the free get started course is out, if you haven’t check that out, check your inbox for last week’s newsletter.
  3. This weekend is my sister’s engagement ceremony. So excited for that. Maybe I should be working on my dress for the little party.


What are you up to or grateful for this week?

comment below, I’d love to hear from you.





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