Walking Foot

No. You are not seeing double.

Yes, I have two walking foot.

So here I’ll give a little review on my experience with these two walking foot. What’s the difference between them?

Walking Foot Talk

One is Generic, another is Janome matched to my little Janome DC2050.
Can you tell which one is which?

On the left is the generic ones – people say they can be used on most low shank machines.. and it is half the price of regular branded walking foot. On the right is Janome’s for low shank machine top load bobbin.

I bought the generic one first thinking I could save more — ending up having the need to buy the original one at the end. I was a little stingy when I first started this quilting adventure a while back. But I guess its not worth it. Just like threads. But it’s a lesson to learn.

Walking Foot Talk 2

You see, the build of the foot itself is not much different, but you can see from the photo above,

1) the generic one have loose spring compared to Janome one
2) the generic one have sort of a lifted foot and not physically flat really

If you feel them, weight them and use them. You can tell more.

1) The generic one is heavier.
2) The generic one makes louder noise when quilting
3) The generic one is somewhat a bit loose and not firm which after several uses, breaks apart! (breaks my heart away too) – which is the main reason I had to buy the original one!

Walking Foot Talk 3

So there it is. Instead of paying AUD60 for the original Janome. I had to go through AUD90 for both. Yikes. So from now on, I am careful and prefer the best for my quilting hobby.

P.S : I am in no mean to harm any business out there, just a little review for sharing.

Its my birthday today, so did not do much sewing today.. but I am on my way making sashing for my vintage modern heart quilt – love to look at chain pieced blocks.. they look like banners.. off to the ironing board now!

Individual Block Sashing Vintage Modern Quilt

So till then, Have a lovely week ahead!




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