I listed here my top 5 best sewing machines for quilting that I feel would be a great choice if you are looking for one right now.


Therefore, just a disclaimer, this list is:

  • only limited to domestic sewing machines and semi-industrial sewing machines – the ones that do regular sewing too.
  • not a hard and fast rule, it is just my opinion based on my experience and some research. So it is biased to my opinion and my knowledge


My top Top 5 Sewing Machine for quilting under $1000

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If you ask me:

What sewing machine is the best for quilting on a budget?

Here it is! The list for the best sewing machines for quilting that are under $1000.

1. Brother PQ 1500SL

I love recommending this machine, I have had read so many good reviews about this machine! Not only that, many quilt bloggers and pattern designers are also using this machine. 

That can only mean that it is definitely going to stand to be a workhorse. 

I love recommending this one first for its price. It is very affordable considering the size of this machine and the steady heavier body. I prefer recommending heavy ones as compared to the compact portable sewing machines. This is because when quilting a large quilt, you will be thankful to have your machine steady and not rocking around.

Plus, this machine also has suction cup feet which will keep the machine stable on the table.  

Aside from all the bells and whistles, I still own a working 20-year old Brother machine, and I trust their brand. So there’s that.

– Check Price HERE. 

best sewing machine for quilting

3 main reasons to buy Brother PQ1500SL :

  • Among the lowest price for a fast straight stitch machine with a large throat size
  • Includes everything for quilting:  quilting foot, walking foot, extension table, large throat
  • Auto thread cutter. This feature is awesome at all times but will be so useful for foundation paper-piecing technique

One of my favorite YouTubers, Amanda owns this model and she reviews it here. Or if you prefer reading, here is another written review from Kerry. 

2. Juki TL-2000Qi

Another great super speedy, steady sewing machine. 

This one is as popular as the Brother PQ1500SL, or might even be more popular among quilters. 

Juki is another well-known brand for the industrial sewing machine. And from the look of this, it is 

The aluminum die-casted body and the large throat size make it perfect for quilting.

This model offers only a straight-stitch option but it can go fast up to 1500 stitches per minute!

Check Price HERE.

Juki sewing machine for quilting

For the price, I think that is reasonable. You will need to add a whole lot more to get sewing machines that have more built-in stitches. And yet, those stitches are hardly ever used. 

Ask me how I know.. lol.

Nonetheless, it really depends on what matters to you the most – the stitches or the size of the sewing machine.

You can read more reviews of the machine HERE>

Check out another newer model of this machine too –>it is still under $1000. 

3. Janome 4120QDC

When I started quilting, I quilted on a Janome. It did well as I was a beginner and I have a limited budget at the time. The only thing I wish I knew was to get the extension table way earlier. The Janome 4120QDC comes with more bells and whistles but most importantly, it comes with an extension table. 

The sewing machine extension table is included!

I highly recommend this machine for that – it will make it so much easier to move the large quilt when you have a larger table area. 

Borrowing computer table for quilting.. 

Controllable Speed

This is not something that you’ll get with a basic sewing machine yet so needed. Especially when you’re starting out. It’s like gears in cars. You can control it when you’re ready to speed up. 

And the foot selections are included – including free motion quilting foot & the walking foot.

Both of these are really important and must-have to quilt the three layers of quilt together. So, you’ll need at least one of them to complete your quilt by yourself.

Otherwise, you’ll need to send your quilt to the long-arm pro which I find may not suit all kinds of quilts. You may want to finish some of your quilts on your own.  

If you want to have a feel of how this specific machine works and how a quilt moves under this machine using the walking foot, watch the tutorial for quilting with a zig-zag stitch here using the machine.

I love that you have the option to do zig-zag stitches and any other kind of stitches as it has more built-in stitches. This will give you more options for quilting with the walking foot. 

Janome 4120QDC sewing machine

best quilting sewing machine janome

However, this machine is a little smaller as compared to the one I recommended above but for the price. It is definitely one I have to recommend because it will last a long time before you need to finally upgrade to a larger machine. 

And even if you upgrade to the larger one, you can opt for only a straight stitch next time as this one has it all already. 

In conclusion, all great reviews about this machine!

A Wonderful Machine and the Price is Right!

Check out the reviews and some of the work that has been done using this machine! Inspiring for sure. 

4. Singer Heavy Duty ($100-200)

This one is on the list as it is one of the most affordable ones you can grab right away to get started. 

I love this one for the sturdier built body and it is a little heavier than other machines within a similar range of price. The body is made of full metal and that makes it more stable as you push big quilts around with this machine.

However, you do need to add on the free motion quilting foot and the walking foot to make sure you get to quilt the three layers with this machine. It also doesn’t come with an extension table, but if you have a tight budget, these are not really necessary but will surely be a nice add-on. 

If you are a total beginner, this is a great machine to get started. 


5. Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine, Computerized ($200-300)

best sewing machine for quilting

Another smaller machine that I would recommend for beginner quilter is this one. I do love the extension table, the wide range of foot that it comes with readily for you to jump straight into making a quilt. 

You will find this machine may not last long if you become an avid quilter as you would most likely to upgrade someday. But for a machine to get started, this one is definitly a great option. 

Check out the reviews HERE>

Similar machine but with fewer stitches option:


Well, there you go, my thoughts and recommendation for the best sewing machines for quilting. I love sharing my experiences and I hope that from this post you are on your way to getting the best sewing machine for you to get started with your quilting journey!

Just a recap:

Here are the 5 best sewing machines for quilting:

  1. Brother PQ 1500SL
  2. Juki TL-2000Qi
  3. Janome 4120QDC
  4. Singer Heavy Duty 
  5. Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine, Computerized

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Let me know, what sewing machine you are currently aiming for, or the ones that you are currently using and loving?

If you own any of these models of the sewing machines I have just listed above, let us know what you think about your sewing machine.


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  1. Thank you for thinning out the ( almost ) impossible task of shopping for a new(er) sewing machine ! I have owned a Kenmore, Singer and am presently using a Brother that I purchased for $10 at a garage sale! My wish list for a new machine didn’t seem that difficult until I went searching for it. Wide throat, free motion, automatic threader, viewable bobbin, some fancy stitch selection would be nice, foot control. The ones I want seem to be in the $2,000 range which is above my budget. Thoughts? Suggestions? All welcome !! Thanks !

  2. Hi Amira ! Thanking you ever so much for your kind – and quick – response ! The Janome Horizon would be my dream machine for sure but unfortunately too expensive for me. I need something under $1K. Many reviews on BabyLoc? I keep looking.

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  4. Thank you for this insightful post on budget-friendly quilting machines! As a novice quilter, I appreciate the detailed recommendations and the thoughtful considerations for each machine. The breakdown of features and reasons to consider each model make it much easier for me to make an informed decision.

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