Welcome to the second week post of the 52 weeks of hot pads / quilted pot holders.

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I thought it would be a great challenge for me to do a pot holder a.k.a hot pads every single week of 2019.

I am planning on having it displayed in my kitchen. They make great decor don’t they?

While I am at it, I am going to be sharing with you a simple tutorial on the process.

You can join in the challenge and make the same hot pads I make every week with the same design or any of your own choice.

This week, working with some scrappy strips.

and quilting as I go. 

If you’ve never quilted as you go, this one is a great one to try.


Easy and quick. You’ll finish piecing and quilting at the same time.


So, here is how I made it.

Diagonal Lanes Scrappy Strip Quilted Hot Pad / Quilted Pot Holder

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1. Picked some strip / string scraps from my scrap box.

I have a box where I keep various sized strings scraps. You can read more about my scrap sorting process HERE> . If you don’t have string scraps, then just cut some strips from various fabric to create a scrappy look.

I decided to pick only yellow strings.

tutorial quilted hot pad 52 weeks of hot pads potholders


2. Prepare as well an 8″ square hot pad batting, regular cotton batting and the backing fabric.

I made my hot pad batting a perfect 8″ square, the rest was just roughly and a little bigger. The hot pad batting is going to be my reference when piecing.

Stack them all together, and place the longest piece strips you have on the diagonal covering the corners and baste all 4 layers together with pins.

3. Place another strip on the basted strip aligning the one side of the raw edges together (it doesn’t have to be similar width but the length should cover the 8″ square batting). Sew a 1/4″ away from the aligned raw edges.

tutorial quilted hot pad 52 weeks of hot pads potholdersI

4. Open and press flat.

tutorial quilted hot pad 52 weeks of hot pads potholders

5. Repeat with another strip on the previously sewn strips until all areas of the batting is covered.

tutorial quilted hot pad 52 weeks of hot pads potholders


6. Repeat for the other side covering all areas of the batting pieces. Using shorter pieces as you reach the corners.

tutorial quilted hot pad 52 weeks of hot pads potholders

7. Press Flat. Align as best you could on the cutting mat or according to your ruler using the idea that your strips should be about 45 degree from the straight cut. Trim one side. You can also use the 8″ batting piece to guide you to trim.

tutorial quilted hot pad 52 weeks of hot pads potholders

8. Referring to the first trimmed side, trim all the other sides, making sure they are squared. The final piece should roughly measure 8″ or possibly a little smaller due to the stitching.

We are not aiming perfect here. Pot holders can be of any size.

9. Sew 1/8″ away from the raw edges to secure it down.

10. Make a hoop and sew that to place first. I simply sew a small piece of rectangular scraps with seams close inside and make a hoop out of that.

10. Make the binding. This time I made a non-bias binding. You can use bias binding too, but it is not necessary for this sharp corner.

Before starting, I started with a diagonal cut, and folded 1/4″ inside.

Pinning to place with raw edges aligned, place your needle down 1/4″ away from the raw edge about 3″ away from the end of the binding tape. In the photo below, somewhere about the second pin.

You can go clockwise or anti clockwise – I started mine a little wrong here, as I prefer to do clockwise, but it still worked out.

You can also sew the binding to the back and flip it to the front, for this pot holder, I decided to sew onto the front and flip it to the back.

As you reach the corners, sew out into the corners.

Fold and continue on the other sides and repeat for all four corners.

11. As you reach the end, stop at about 6″ away from the starting point, trim the binding tape and slip in the binding tape into the diagonal fold we’ve made earlier.

Finish off the sewing, closing the loop all around the pot holder.

12. Flip the binding and sew into place. I used a zig zag stitch to do so.


I also put a label on this one. Read more about the label HERE>


There you go, our 2nd pot holder of the year!

Are you making it? Let me know if you are and tell me how it goes. 

Do you like the quilt as you go method?

Let me know if you need any help.

Till next time, have a fun time sewing!

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