[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did however was given to try the custom Labels and am so excited about it!]

Hey there….

I know you love to make handmade gifts.

I also know that you sometime make them last minute.

And you rush through it and didn’t just complete it just the way it should be.

Or you skip the handmade-by-you label and just send it off.

handmade label woven label

O, that’s not you? Sorry, I guess I’m talking to myself then.

Cause THAT just describes ME.

I wish I am more particular about those thing. And I believe that a LABEL on your handmade would make the impression last a little longer.

Not that they won’t remember you, but you know it makes it a little more professional looking. Or at least more handmade looking. Professionally handmade.

Someone could also pass your website or your little blog. I’m pretty sure The Little Mushroom Cap isn’t going to be as easy to remember.

Someone might just remember the quirky mushroom bit.

Right? Would you agree?

Oh, I’m still talking to myself. Weird. LOL. But you get the point right?

handmade label woven label

And, a CARE LABEL would be perfect too! The thought of care labels reminds me of those big IKEA labels on their things.

I never really read them though, (erks, I only read the care labels for delicate things and handmade items). I am sure someone who really wants to care for the things you made them would love to have a care label to go with your handmade item.

Then, they know how to treat them right.

How to wash them in case they need to.

Too much work to put create a label?

I think if we have it in stock, it would be so much easier wouldn’t?

Well, I had the opportunity to try out Dutch Labels and was happy with the labels I got.

I love that this one has glittery looks to it.

handmade label woven label

I am sure to use this onto my handmade items now. So easy to sew it on and they are simple yet effective.

handmade label woven label

I don’t promote people to buy from me, cause I rarely make to sell but having that label on the things I made just made it more special. And receivers appreciate it too. Funnily. But they do.


Dutch Label also have CARE LABELS.

Yes, you can have those custom printed too.

Rosie Creations care clothing label

Easy, now you can just those too and voila, a perfect Care Label for the your handmade item.

Have a Handmade Business? – This is a MUST.

If you do own a small handmade business or sometime sell at craft stalls, DO NOT SKIP THE LABEL.

I love that this one has glittery looks to it.

I have had many handmade things that I wish I could remember who made it so I could buy more of or pass the name to a friend, but there’s no label. Or probably there was a removable label. I don’t remember it when time passes.

If you love it then you want to PUT A LABEL ON IT! [*Insert Beyonce’s Put A Ring On it Song]

And with items that are sewn, it is much easier to sew the label on where it would not disturb the function of the item and yet distinctive enough to see. I hand-sewed mine in these examples, just because the pouches were already made and done. Otherwise, I would have machine sewn it when it was still easy to do so.

Woven label handmade

If you want to try Dutch Label, which I recommend as I love the labels I got…

Use CODE littlemushroomcap15 to get 15% off your order. Click HERE> to start making your own custom label.


Um, before I go, here is another flat lay I’m trying to practice after learning a little bit about it in this class.

Just for the fun of this new technique I’m learning.

Now, I have every reason to collect little props. Right?


Do You Label?

If you want to try Dutch Label Use CODE “littlemushroomcap15″ and get 15% off your order.


If you want to make the pouches : check out how I made mine out of an “oopsy” block HERE.


  1. Susan Snooks Reply

    Yes, I make my own labels for quilts. As they are gifts for friends I don’t feel a need for commercially made ones.

    • littlemushroomcap@gmail.com Reply

      Yes Susan, handmade labels are also great!! Especially for quilts. but sometimes I don’t put the label on, and I wish I could just slap one on at least to really just have it complete. I have a resolution to try and be better with my quilt labelling…

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