Small projects make the best practice pieces for free motion quilting. In this post I have a tutorial on how to make a boxy pouch and get you to practice free motion quilting!

This project will not only allow you to make use of your practice sandwich but also allows you to have the option of hiding those stitches, should you feel like they’re not that pretty yet. Everyone was there before they get better. It is a practice piece after all.  

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I remembered in the early times of my free motion quilting days, I used to get so frustrated with my stitches and was certainly not happy with how they turned out. But I also know that practice is necessary, so I keep making these ‘ugly’ practice sandwiches.

Practice will make it better.

That is what I keep chanting as I move along practice piece after practice piece.

I don’t feel like wasting those practice pieces, so I usually turn them into hotpads and placemats. And that makes me feel a lot better. At least even if the stitches were not as great at that time, I actually get to use the piece. 

And in this post I am sharing an even better idea!

A pouch. One can never have enough pouches, And this one is a really useful roomy one, suitable for many of your necessities and perfect for gifting too!

Boxy Pouch tutorial. How to sew zipper pouch boxy

You can also make one following the tutorial in the video below. 

Free Motion Quilting Boxy Pouch Tutorial

Start out by free motion quilting a fat quarter size quilt sandwich.

Divide them into two to make two pouches with 2 pieces of fat quarter fabrics.

The size of the rectangle to start with for each pouch is 16.5″ x 10″ and the boxy pouch will end up to be 3″x5″x9″. 


Watch the tutorial below on how to make the boxy pouch.


Let me know what you think. Want to keep on practicing now?? Let’s do this. 

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