Hey there, fellow Quilty and sewing friends! Hold onto your sewing needles because we’ve got some seriously exciting news to share! I am so delighted to introduce you to the fabulous “Make” fabric collection, brought to life by the uber-talented Kristy of Quiet Play for Riley Blake Designs. Picture this: a vibrant explosion of rainbow colors and a sewing machine that’s doing its happy dance. Yep, that’s what you’ll find in “Make” – the ultimate crafting dreamland for all you color-crazy, fussy-cutting fanatics out there!

I was so excited when Kristy asked whether I would like to join in the fabric tour for the launch of her new fabric collection “MAKE” which is as many of her collection, bursting with vibrant colours. 

Meet the Creative Whiz Behind “Make” fabric collection

Let’s give a warm welcome to Kristy Lea of Quiet Play, the brain behind this jaw-droppingly awesome fabric collection! She’s like a magician of foundation paper-piecing quilting patterns, and with “Make,” you can peek through some of her wonderful pattern like the rainbow sewing machines & scissors.

A Party of Rainbow Colors! ?

Okay, imagine a party where rainbows are the guests of honor – that’s the “Make” fabric collection! It’s like a pot of crafty gold at the end of a rainbow, bursting with vivid colors. With these eye-popping hues, your projects are gonna be Insta-worthy masterpieces! They are so easy to match up with many other of her fabric collections too. I love that there are lots of coordinating pieces in various colours, meaning you can pick one or two of your favourite colours from the rainbow, match it up with one the feature fabric from this collections and you can add your own touch to the project. 

Sew Much Fun with the Rainbow Sewing Machine

Can we just take a moment to gush about how insanely adorable this sewing machine is? ? It’s like the cutest sewing buddy you could ever wish for, with colorful body and a heart motif, it is hard not to love it.  “Make” comes with the cutest, quirkiest, and most magical rainbow sewing machine motif you’ve ever seen! Sewing has never been this joyful, folks! We’re talking about unicorns level of joy here. Trust me; you won’t be able to resist smiling every time you see this sewing machine sprinkling rainbow confetti all over your fabric! ??

Imagine having this kind of sewing machine in your sewing room, it might as well emits a trail of rainbow thread, swirling and twirling like a tiny technicolor tornado! LOL. If you’re interested to make the Sewing Machine Block using the foundation paper-piecing technique that Kristy is a wizard of, you can find the pattern HERE>

And speaking of magical companions, let’s not forget about the rainbow scissors! ?? just the perfect match!


Perfect for Fussy Cutting

Calling all fussy-cutting fanatics – it’s time to shine! “Make” has been tailor-made (get it?) to bring out your fussy-cutting genius! You know those moments when you find the perfect fabric slice for your project? Yeah, get ready to have those moments ALL THE TIME. With “Make,” precise cutting is a piece of cake, and your projects will look like they’re straight out of a crafting fairytale!

I love that the sewing machines is in a gridline, making it easy for fussy cutting without wasting too much fabrics!

Stripe fabric in Rainbow Colours

To top it all up, my favourite from this collection has to be the stripes! And they come in white and black background. This fabric is a celebration of all things happy, making it the perfect choice for creating whimsical and playful projects. Oh, and here’s a little secret  – it’s an ideal fabric for binding your quilts and projects too! I just love stripe as binding. It just takes the project to another level. Framing the whole thing in such a whimsical way.

“Make” Project Bags

If you’re like me, you know that having the right project bag is a game-changer. I use my project bags to store quilt kits and cross stitch work in progress and when I saw this collection, I knew that I wanted to make a few project bags from it! I took the advantage of fussy cutting the fabrics and using the coordinating collections as the inner.

Can you see how that rainbow stripes and measuring tape is so fussy-cutting friendly? I could not resist!

Project Bag Pattern:

I am using the “By Annie Project Bags Pattern” in medium size. Not only are they versatile and spacious, but they also allow you to showcase the beauty of “Make” fabrics through the vinyl front. Just imagine peering into your project bag and seeing a breathtaking display of colors that’s sure to spark joy and inspiration! Highly recommend the pattern, easy to read and you can add on video tutorial if you need more help. 

By Annie Bag Soft and Stable Stabilizer is the best to use to make sturdy bags and I’m glad I used it for this project. I love how it hold the shape of the bag.

Now, for the final touch of flair – the colorful stripe fabric for binding! Here’s where the magic really happens. I love how it brings the bag together! Isn’t the perfect binding fabric??

I also tested out a label on the side. quite big for the project bag, but surely cute!

 For this one, I thought the tiny scissor zipper pull is perfect for this bag! This one is out of stock, but you can find other sewing themed zipper pulls HERE>.

Overall, it was sooo much fun making these project bags. The beautiful fabrics was surely the reason why too! 


Grab the fabric today!

Get ready to add a splash of happiness to your crafts with this rainbow fabric today as it is now available in most of the quilt shop.

You can check out MAKE COLLECTION by Kristy Lea HERE online too at my favourite online store. I say grab the stripes quick as they are surely to fly off the shelves fast!

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