I made more vinyl front zipper project bags!

Last time I talked about how we can organise current work in progress in this POST HERE.

I am currently loving project bags to keep things organised and there’re so many potential fabrics that will be perfect for this, that I just want to keep making them!

Here are two of my recent one made, 

I bought this fun patchwork panel and I know that I wanted to make project bags from it!

The bright colour is perfect for a fun project bag. 

I made a smaller size this time from the leftover fabrics cut for the big project bag.

The small one keep my scissors in place in my project bag! It’s so cute. Little things are cute. 

I used a matching hexagon chicken wire from one of the older Lori Holt’s fabric. 

vinyl project bag

The larger bags are about 11″ x 14″.

They are pretty roomy and can fit quite a lot of things, and one of the thing I love is that, I can fit in my 10.5″ blocks in it flat!

These star blocks from Simply Stars Quilt fits perfectly in the project bag. They’re also perfect for storing ready to use quilt kits.

The bag matches Lori’s Scrappiness is Happiness Book! 

I am sure they’ll be more project bags to come, I just love how fun these are to sew up!

I just love being able to see what is in these bags through the vinyl front!

You can use the following tutorial to sew up one too or you can visit some of the list at the bottom of this post for some beautiful project bags ready for purchase from Etsy sellers!


Buy Handmade Project Bags

Now, if you are not interested to make it yourself, there are many to choose from others who love to make and sell them. Check them out below!

Dot Dot Goose Design – lots of vinyl front Bags to choose from!

Little Boat 88 : Another shop full with amazing project bag!


  1. Your project bags are so useful and really cute too. It’s time for me to make some, been on my bucket list ‘forever’.

  2. I have been making project bags. I put handles on them and you can hang them on hooks with your project in plane sight. You are right, they make good gifts and I use them as gift bags.

  3. Ada Chinery Reply

    These are on my to do list! Watched the video and that really makes me want to do now!!
    I like the suggestion of a handle being added as Patti above mentioned. Would they be sewn into the binding?

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