Made a bottle cozy with some of the recent fabrics I bought.

I love Bonnie and Camille’s fabric lines. If you are not familiar with them, check some of their fabrics HERE>

I hate throwing jars. I do know that it is not best to use the cap, but I am at this stage just using it and removing the inner part where it has been stained.

Well, I hope to find a new cap that fits soon.

But I have made it to use.. hehe.. some sugar and Coffee in the jar already!

This one is made from Ruby Jelly Roll and Charm Pack + Leggo’s Pasta sauce Jar project.

It was a fun quick sewing project. 

Definitely it was fun to do the free motion embroidery of the words on the bottle cozy.

So many possibilities with this little cozy.

I am thinking small, patchwork block would be cute too. Wouldn’t it?

Still need to remove that label on the jar. I have not yet found the best way to it. The glue is quite strong!

Here they are next to my lovely bundle of fabrics.

[Related & Updated: I made a quilt using that bundle. Check it out HERE>]

Bottle Cozy. Sew a quick project and spruce up recycled bottle


Snaps or ties?

I am still testing which method works better. Snaps or Tie?? Tieing gives better grip though.

However, I am not sure how it will withstand with time.

I do love my little snaps set. If you haven’t got one yet, try this one.

Just love using them in small projects like pouches and stuff.

They are easy to use and makes cuter things super cute!


I did put a batting in the middle in case you are wondering. Just to give it more structure.

Anyway, will see how this goes, will be making more in the future if this lasted on the jars 🙂

Do you use your recycled bottle?

Have you ever made a bottle cozy before?

They are pretty cute to have in the sewing room too – to keep those buttons, and all the little tid-bits organized.



  1. Wow, they are so cute.

    I usually soak my jars in my dishwater. If they are still sticky some eucalyptus oil on a cloth should move the rest of it off.


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